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Friday, December 9, 2005

D: Well... today was a bust. I didn't go to school because I missed the bus and my grandma didn't wanna drive out in the snow (we live on a hill thingy so it's a lot deeper then it is where the school is, not to mention fairly dangerous) so I stayed home all day, normally that's great... but I had no one to talk to... D: so I've been downloading songs all day, mostly New Found Glory and Far From Heroes, and Foamy (the main charcter of the cartoons on illwillpress.com )

I drew a bit last night too... an angel Rei... *heart* it's hot! A fruity Max >.< Makes me laugh with the demented star me.... and an ass pwn-ing Tala... D: I'd scan them, but they're in pencil and it's really hard for my scanner to get it, and I'm afrid of smudging my Rei, and the Tala and max pic are on the same peice of paper (the front and back) and I don't want the pen to bleed through... D: it makes me mad when it does.....

Other then that, not much really has been happening... but, I guess I should say this now 'cuz if I don't now, I'll say it tomorrow, or Ayaa might *shugs* but you never know with her... she might, she might not... she might even forgot about it (though I doubt that... D: I have proof) but tomorrow's my 15th birthday... please don't tell me happy birthday though... it's only proves I'm getting old... *laughs* well... later...

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