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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gay...? I think so... :3nod:

Well.... I'm sure you all have picked up my TalaMax coupling... right? Well, I have proof (one made forever ago... and one made no more then 15 minutes ago) (And if you read Ayaa's Otaku... OxO NOTCIE THE SCARY SIMILAITIES! OOH! SPOOKY!)

Ok, this is the more recent one, the caption is by Ayaa :3nod:
Honestly... that is such a gay guy sitting postion >.>

And this one was captioned by me, forever ago... like before Max and Tala got together :3nod:


D< AND THAT'S ALL THE PROOF YOU BISHES NEED TO HAVE TO KNOW THEY ARE IN FACT GAY... TOGETHER! ^^ Thanks for reading this retarded post... Talk to yas the next time I post :3nod: :heart: Luff you! Laters!

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