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Monday, November 28, 2005

Ok... Raven... you should be happy, I just added the desktop :3nod: now you should only have to wait a little longer...

And honestly! 7 of the Beyblade manga are out... I was shocked too! I couldn't believe how far I'd fallen behind! As for it being like the anime... I could tell you it is... but I'd be lying... (And I'm not a liar... ^^ Shut up Ayaa...) It has the same main ideas... like Rei loosing Driger, and the Saint Shields... but in the same way it's completely different... Sorry... I might be a bit hard to understand... but after watching the season, then reading the manga, you'll understand me :3nod:

Sadly... if I am right... there are only going to be 14 of them, and with 7 already out that means they're half-way done... and that means it's getting closer and closer to the one (if not more) Beyblade manga I'm gonna hate.. *stabs an imaginary copy of the 14 volume* oh... I should probably explain myself huh? Well, for those of you who donít wanna hear the spoiler, I'd suggest you to skip the rest of this paragraph. Well, for those of you left, in the 14 volume there will be a new generation of beybladers... -.- yeah... the BladeBreaker's kids... I know three of them, you have Gou, Kai's son, I'm not sure who his mother it, but he looks almost like a Kai clone, he's cute if you get past his evil Kai-ness... then you have Makoto, Tyson's son, again, I haven't a clue about his mum, and he, like Gou, is almost a clone of his father, as said by Rei, Makoto reminds him a lot of Tyson. The last kid... is a girl... Rei and Mariah's daughter... and I'm sure you all know I'm an uber Rei fan girl, so you can imagine how I reacted upon finding this out... I just about spazed...! I've always hated Mariah... she wears way too much pink to be partially sane, then to top it off, she goes off and has a kid with my (now) favorite character... Well... enough with the Mariah bashing, Rei's and... Itís... daughter's name is Ling (her Japanese name (I think) is Rin). She, like her mother, has pink hair, which is worn in pig-tail braids, and is headstrong (or so said Tyson). As for Max and Kenny as far as I know, neither of them have any kids (but if Max is with Tala, how are they gonna have kids unless Max gets that sex change I've been telling him to get?) Well, that's all the spoilers I know... WHAT?!? I only got the first... 14 pages (I think) of the manga... oh... and it takes place 15 years after the 13th one... just so you know... that means they're all old.... like my mom's age... o.o''' scary thought... -.- '''

O.o well... other then that... I haven't much else to really say... besides my body aches from bowling, I'm home... for just over 24 hours 'til I go to Ayaa's, I hope you like the new desktop... and my chapped lips are pissing me off... -.-

^^ well... Later for now!

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