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Thursday, November 24, 2005

I hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day! :gonk: though I'm sorry it's been.... forever since I last posted... /.\ I've been getting waaay too obsessed with Gaia... sorry... but... I do have a present for you since I'm being such a bad poster.... :3nod: I made an awesome (I think so atleast) desktop... the only thing is... you'll have to wait 'til next wensday to get it because I'm back a my Aunt's again... but It's a pretty awesome Beyblade desktop... has characters from all three seasons... (most often Rei... but only g-rev) and you have other favorites, Zeo, Kai, Tala, Max, Oliver, Mariam... Raul and Julia... and that's mainly it... but I'm sure you'll like it, I really made it for something on Gaia (That's a surprise *sarcastic*), but I thought for all you Beyblade lovers I'd think you'd love it... and I've been drawing a lot... mostly me and Rei pics. I attempted at a TalaMax one (oh the horror! MY EYES!) and I also drew one for Ayaa and Kai, she added her own touched but it's cool... then you had the one I drew for me and Ayaa's Gaian Quest... it's finished, and I don't wanna brag, but I think it came out pretty awesome
Hot... but what do you think?
I want to scan one of Me and Rei I drew for art class... but I think it's too light and the scanner won't pick it all up.... /.\ it came out hot too... *sighs*

Well, anyways... That's all now... wait... don't expect anything much, art wise that is, for about two weeks, except this up coming Monday (maybe) :ninja: after I leave my aunt's and get home, I'm going over to Ayaa's. My grandma (I live with her...) is going to fly to N.C. or S.C. I can't remember which, to visit my uncle and his two kids, and I'll be staying at Ayaa's and for some reason, I don't draw much there ^^' heh heh....

Ok... that's it... Later everyone!

P.S. if any of you are on Gaia and want to add me to your friendlist, my name is Mizuhara Kon, or just leave your Gaian name in a comment and I'll add it... Later!

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