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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

   I'm Alive . . . I swear . . .

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So, seeing as how I'm sick today (like, major blah sick with fever and the whole caboodle) I finally have time to post. Uber apologies for still being horrible about dropping by; I'm not used to it anymore so I forget more often than I remember. . .

So, like, I've posted new art several times since I last updated. Got some nifty stuffs in there (lotsa Kingdom Hearts cuz I'm on a kick right now) so if you want I'd love it if ya took a peek and a comment or to would be more than welcome ^^

And now I'll ramble about my life, simply because I've decided it's a habit I'll never be able to quit. I really hope it's not as boring as I think . . . Um, yeah. I've had a really good senior year, but this last month I've been hella depressed and have yet to figure out why. Haven't been this depressed in a loooong time. Oh well, I got my buddies to cheer me up at least ^^ I'm really hoping Nicole can come stay over on Friday. We haven't really been able to hang out for a while and I miss talking to her. Speaking of buddies, I'm not sure how it happened, but I've gone from being a veritable hermit to almost never being home anymore . . . hence the lack of postination. Meh -_-"

Ano, I went on a field trip yesterday (prolly made me more sick but oh well) and we went to my future college (Boise State University) and a couple of important history places (the Idaho History Museum and the Anne Frank Memorial). BSU was definitely interesting, and after having visited, I'm even more glad I'm going there, though I haven't decided if I'm going to live at home or if I'm gonna get an apartment/dorm thingie with one of my friends; I've already had three offers for roomies O.o

Meh, I'm bored. Time to go visit peoples and make the endless rounds of apologies for always being gone -_- Ja na!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

   Redesign and Simplification

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So, after about seven months of inactivity--minus sporadic posting of art--I'm finally back, and I've decided to get rid of the things that were keeping me from posting, i.e. too much fluff on the site that needed upkeep. So! I'm shearing the fluff and leaving only a fine velvet behind ^^

So yep, I'm gonna try to post more often, but I won't make any promises. I'll probably post mostly about art updation rather than mindless blathering about my life. Speaking of art, there's a considerable amount of new stuff over there, so if anyone feels like checking them out, I would be much obliged.

Back to the site design for a moment, I'd like to let everyone know that everything here, with the exception of the amv in my intro, was made by yours truly. And I mean everything; background, banner, icon, sprite across the top of this very post, all mine, so please, please ask me first if you want to use them! Oh, and a cookie to whomever can guess my current theme ^^

Uhm yeah, so I guess that's it. I'll try to visit everyone and get back on track ^^

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Friday, August 18, 2006

   It is DONE!!!

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Content ^^

Well, my brother is both doing better and worse today. He's better because he's getting used to his splint, and worse because he's feeling the pain a little more today. Overall he's fine though, just a bit miffed that he can't play videogames with only one hand, lol. Hopefully he'll have a proper cast in by Saturday so he can have the use of his fingers back.

In other news, I FINALLY finished the rough draft of my entry for the Tokyopop RSOM contest!! *faints* That only took, what, like five months! XD Heh, now I gotta do the final, scan it, tone it, add the text . . . I still have a lot to do. But! The hard part is over! Now I just gotta fine someone with a scanner big enough for the paper I used--I did double size paper, if anyone's wondering. My mom said I might be able to kidnap one of the scanners at her work if I'm willing to get up at 4:30 to go in with her. -_-" Choices, choices . . .

So yep, that's what I spent a good chunk of my day doing. Well, that and reading and playing games . . . heh.

Random Fanfic Quote of the Day:
I'm bored and don't feel like finding one today ^^

Random Scan of the Day:
None, but instead I'll put this random icon I found on my computer. I don't know where I got it or when, but it was in my 'Misc' folder, and I thought it was rather funny.

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