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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

   So yeah..................
yeah wow....i havnt been to my site in MONTHS!!!!!!!!! cuase ive been like myspacin it up peeps. Yeah alot has happened this year. Ive already gone through two boyfriends this semester, my relationships always end quickly for some reason......one breakup was cause he was gettin overly clingy and i wasnt ready to move that fast when he was, the other was a long distance problem, but weve promised each other were gonna try agin when we get out of highchool or when he gets his license. But funny ive kinda started talking to my other ex more and more......im confused. but its funny how different the two of them are,
one play in the band at football games
the other is a kick ass football player that gets out there and tears up the feild at football games

one is kinda short and stocky, and muscular
The other is freakig six foot two and is like a walking power house of muscle

One is a lil self centered
the other could care less about himself he just wants to make sure you have a good day

one is a rocker
the other is a hradcore die hard heavy metallist

One is scene
the other is goth

one is not really talkative
the other will talk to you until you go deaf

its pretty weird. yeah but my ex has kinda become my therapist and whenever im pissed i just go over to his truck get in and he takes off and we just talk and i can totally vent to him. Its nice to have somebody that listens as good as he does. this year feels like its flying by!!!!! i swear before i know it its gonna be over............

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