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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dallas Benefit. 18. 6' 4" and built like an athlete. dark brown hair, really really light blue eyes. senior in highschool, captain of the soccer team. Hes serious, and kinda comes off as standoffish, but hes really not. Hes just really...focused. Hes dating this kid named sebastian, who his parents love, because hes rich and tiny and cute and perfect. Its not that Dallas doesnt like him, he honestly wouldnt have started to date him if he did. They just dont really...work together. Everyone knows Dallas, cause hes really fucking good at soccer, for one thing. and for another, hes a Benefit. And theyre wealthy as fuck. He went to an all boys prep school up until sophomore year in highschool, and he transferred here just because the soccer team was honestly better. Alot of people seem to think Dallas thinks hes better than everyone, but its actually the opposite. Hes so busy trying to live up to expectations that he doesnt think he can reach, he forgets to be nice and social and politically friendly. If sebastian has any pros, he gets that. He was friends with Dallas before they were anything else, and so he understands that Dallas isnt the most emotionally availiable person. So it works, but obviously, it wont forever. No piercings, but hes actually got quite a few tattoos. None thta his parents know about XD alot of people will look at him and see a privileged white boy who has no problems and gets everything handed to him, and thinks hes the shit. they couldnt be more wrong, its kind of ridiculous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jh-xcKazSk&list=FLoe2TQl2N-yAr53i0aidRyQ&index=73&feature=plpp_video
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