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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dallas. 23. dirty blonde/light-medium brown hair. blue eyes. 6' 4" and obviously built strong. He was bred for this, so its not like he knows a different life. He doesnt even really have family? so obviously he doesnt know them. hes unbeatable in the fighting games, because obviously if he werent...hed be dead. XD but hes not unbeatable in the racing games, because those arent to the death, but he might as well be. hes really really fucking good at those. he has fans, hes been around for so long. If you were bred, you started the games at 18, and for the most part, youre dead by the time youre 20. Dallas is really...really good. He's serious, and stotic, and he keeps to himself. Hes not into making friends, just because he may eventually have to kill them. People fear him, because of it. but honestly, hes not like...soulless. he was bred, not created. XD hes human, hes just not trying to make this harder for himself. He doesnt harbor any type of hope or dream that he'll ever live a life thats different than this. thats never happened, the idea doesnt even occur to him. is he happy? no. but hes not about to go kill himself. No piercings, no tattoos, but hes got his ID number branded to the back of his neck, and the company that bred him branded on his ankle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyaGLR0Q65E&feature=related
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