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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vegas Rodriguez. 18. http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk0or9kVRr1qbte6oo1_500.jpg http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzyibgc2JE1qhodd8o1_500.jpg dark brown hair, medium blue eyes. He was born and raised in Harlem, but hes puerto rican and his parents raised him like he was. He can speak spanish and english, but he doesn't really have an accent either way, because they were taught to him at the same time. He's pretty chill, and relaxed, like anyone who knows him will tell you hes just...chill. hes not a fighter, and hes pretty much cool with everyone. he does go to parties and stuff like, but hes not the sleazy, gets high and drunk type. But that is the world he grew up in, hes not wealthy at allll. He just hasnt let the gangs pick him up or anything liek that. And that's probably because hes got ambition and goals. He wants to be on Broadway, like...really bad. Originally he wanted to do it for dance. He's been dancing since he was 8, which in the broadway world, isnt a long time, but he's been working hard to make up for it since he started. He's got a natural raw broadway voice. Like, its not refined, he hasnt been trained. hes actually not even TRYING to be a broadway star, he doesnt think that'd ever happen. he's honestly aiming to be a chorus dancer. But obviously, he does have the potential to be a star, he's just unaware of it. He's realllly dedicated, though. He works hard as hell, and you wouldnt really know at first glance? cause he does dress street, and his personality is very like chill and laid back. But theres a reason hes so small, and why hes got all that packed lean muscle. theres a reason he pretty much only owns clothes he can dance in. because all of his free time? is pretty much spent doing that. His family supports him in the way that they would support anything they think he wants to do. but they dont honestly think he'll make it. That's why theyre not helping him pay for the camp. he's literally been saving up to pay for this camp since freshman year of highschool, and he just graduated. legit. and now that he has the money, and a free summer, he's taking the shot. He's one of those kids whos been told he'll never make it? But hes doing it anyways. ears are pierced, and hes got a couple tattoos but theyre all easily hidden. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE7Zis8wA5A
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bourne. 23. 6'4" and built strong, but not huge, hes still fast. http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzrbqqWCah1r3krupo1_500.jpg dark blonde/light brown hair, blue eyes. Hes a vampire hunter, and has been one, since he was 16. His father was a vampire hunter, and before his father, his grandfather. It's just in his blood, and hes the best of his kind. He's literally been training for this since he could walk. He hates vampires. honestly, truly, loathes them. To him, theyre nothing but monsters. cruel, boundless, uninhibited, soulless, foul creatures that rely only on their most animalistic instincts. He feels absolutely no remorse about tracking them down, caging them up, snapping the cuff around their neck, and shipping them off to be sold. Cause to him, theyre not human, theyre less than animals. Theyre literally monsters. Even the children vampires, he feels no remorse, whatsoever. Its not like hes this absolutely heartless, cruel man. That was just how he was taught, thats what all the humans believe, no one ever gets to know vampires, no one knows they have souls or feelings of families or anything, so why would he think they did? He does love, he loved his father, and his mother, before they both died. Now, though, hes pretty much solitary. He literally dedicated his life to hunting. Hes not like alot of the hunters, who get some sort of sick thrill out of it, and rape their catches and all that shit. Honestly, Bourne doesnt involve himself with vampires. He captures them, and then ships them out, and then continues hunting. That'll change with you, obviously, but yeah. XD He doesnt find vampires attractive. Like most people find vampires REALLLLLY fucking attractive. and Bourne is just like, no. their allure just doesnt work on him. again, that will change with you.
Hes really stotic, emotion really doesnt show on his face. Even when hes angry, his face doesnt really move. He does go on "vacations", he has a home in the city Verilla, which is similar to italy. like the romanticized type shit. and the narrow cobblestone pathways between houses. and all the water. like a gothic venice. XD He has friends, hes just rarely home. theres more to his story but you'll have a really really fucking hard time getting it out of him. Hes tatted up, his entire back, and one sleeve. most of the tattoos are religious affiliated. but in the gothic, cathedral stain glass portrait inspired shit. and the really morbid biblical quotations about satan and sin. his tattoos are gorgeous, theres no doubt about that. theyre just...kinda scary, when you really look at what they are. no piercings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gcEyO-XqAw

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Damiáo DeOliveira-Pereira. 17. 5' 9" and pretty thin. hes reallly lean, and with clothes on he just looks like this tiny ass little thing, but underneath, its all like, tight, wirey muscle, from the dancing. but he generally doesn't make it a habit to walk around without his shirt on, so most people just think hes scrawny. XD hes got these amazing blue eyes, which his family has yet to figure out where they came from, cause everyone in his family has brown eyes. dark brown hair. Obviously he speaks portuguese, as a main language, but he can speak english, mostly because hes been aiming to go to school in america for legit his whole life, so he taught himself english. his mom died when he was really little, and his dad is just as deep in the crime and gangs and drugs as all three of his brothers, and his best friend. Cristiano, Henrique and Macario are his brothers, in ages oldest to youngest, and theyre all the really assholey, tough-love if any love, type. Theyre hard, and legit all are constantly have a gun on them. theyre always smacking Damiáo around cause they think it'll make him tougher, but all its really doing is giving him bruises. Not to say Damiáo is weak. He can fight, he can hold his own, hes just not like...in the cartel. XD and he doesnt want to be. He dances, on the DL, of course. He has this sort of teacher, named Ines, whos legit like the only person whos keeping him out of the cartel. Like Ines lets him stay at his place if home gets too crazy, sometimes. obviously not like, permanently, but like, for a night. or something liek that. he helps him with homework, makes sure hes getting a good education, and also teaches him how to dance. all types, too, but hes best at ballet and contemporary. and its not like, a joke. like, Ines makes him run miles and miles a day, and do strength training, and rigiorous, crazy workouts to keep up with what he would be learning if he was at a good dance institute. hes not the only one, obviously, Ines has other pupils at the school. But Damiáo is kinda his favorite. XD Obviously, his brothers and father would literally kill him if they ever found out he was dancing ballet. because they'd assume he was gay, which he is, but thats also a secret. cause his brothers and father would kill him. XD not even liek ahaha theyd kill me! no, legit, they'd beat him to death. His dad is already hinting at Damiáo getting involved with teh Cartel, and Damiáo is resisting as best as he can without flat out saying no, which would also get him fucked up. Usually when his dad starts hinting, Damiáo goes to Ines' house. but he obviously cant keep doing that. No tattoos, but both his ears are pierced. he only puts them in when hes not around his brothers or dad, cause again. they wouldnt be fond. Hes not rebellious, hes not going around, running his mouth. Hes just trying to keep his head down, and out of peoples way, so he doesnt get killed. he wants to get out, not to get noticed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRVvFYppU0w&list=FLoe2TQl2N-yAr53i0aidRyQ&index=1&feature=plpp_video
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Levka. 17. 5' 7", 95 pounds, soaking wet. the kid is tiny. hes the son of the chief/emperor, but he can't rule without a dominant, and he takes rule on his 18th birthday, so that needs to happen pretty soon. that's how they work it, the heir takes rule on their 18th birthday. If they die before they have a child, the throne gets passed down to the person who the tribe, as a whole, decides on. platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, really pale skin. He's tiny, but hes not like, frail or sickly. Hes really really fast, and like agile. he is capable of defending himself, and after he takes rule, if there ever was like a war or something, he would be expected to go. obviously with his dominant, but yeah. XD hes really smart though. hes a ruler, you can see it, by the way he stands, and the way he looks at people. He understands humility, and mercy, and sacrifice. He's not the rules-by-an-iron-fist type. but hes not a push over, in the least. He's looking for a dominant that will compliment him, who has the same values as him, because obviously he'll be helping him rule, and even, sometimes, ruling for him. so if him and his dominant had contrasting political views, thatd be a fail. hes not the type of submissive that feels like he should be taken care of. Obviously he knows the dominants role of protection, and he would never step on that. But hes not spoiled, in any way. He cooks, he cleans, he feels like its his duty to. He's not a bitch, and hes definitely not ungrateful, and it'll be very obvious. He genuinely wants a happy marriage, thanks, although he doesnt expect any love to come out of it. most people in his position find friendship and companionship in their dominants, but rarely love. and thats pretty much all Levka's aiming for. he hasnt gotten any of his royalty brands, he'll get those after his married. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBcXe2B97TQ&feature=related
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Bishop. Junior. 5'9" 17. http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwmujgu4Al1qcbv3fo1_500.jpg medium brown hair, biiig, like crazy big, blue eyes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IutcPpb73zA&list=LLoe2TQl2N-yAr53i0aidRyQ&index=6&feature=plpp_video hes very quiet. veeerryy quiet. no ones gonna know much about him at first. hes awkward, kinda twitchy, and has a bad habit of staring at people for too long. he makes people uncomfortable, and hes kinda creepy. like, it wouldnt surprise anyone to find out hes a mass murderer. but hes not. XD hes here for something that he didnt even do. hes really loyal, once he gets to know you. he was picked on and teased for practically his whole life, and it just kinda made him socially awkward. but if you ever put the effort in, hes brilliant. and sweet. and loyal. and funny, in a quirky, adorable type way. hes not weak. in fact, if you ever scared him enough, he could attack and you wouldnt even know what the hell happened. he can protect himself. hes just not a fighter, its not something he aims to like...do. hes weird, thats everyones first impression. but if you give it a bit, hes not as weird as he appears.

Sam. 18. Senior. http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxeuh6pMKg1r37kppo1_500.png http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzioe3w5Y61qf62c5o1_500.jpg dirty blonde, light light brown hair. hazel eyes. 6' 0" and pretty skinny. not scrawny, hes just not bulked up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KEEXyRL0qE hes a foster kid. and honestly all he wants to do is get the fuck out of his house, and this town, and far away from all these people. Hes very angry, almost 24/7. Thats what got him in trouble, fighting. He kinda snaps, and when that happens, he could kill someone without even realizing it. His father was the same, drunk/drug addict, who beat him and his mom up, and eventually Sam got fed up, and some teachers found out, and took him out of there. hes been hopping from one foster home to the next. Its not that they dont like him, or that theyre even bad foster parents. he just...keeps running away. The last time he ran away he got in a fight with one of the kids, and stabbed him. They wrote it off as aggravated assault, so he just got community service, and no jail time. but honestly, if he steps out of line one more time, hes done. hes got a few tattoos, the most noticable one on his neck, which is a dove. his ears are pierced, but they only ever have diamond studs in them.

Keegan. 19. supersenior. XDhttp://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lse4rmWTRv1qbmtx9o1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1329597371&Signature=U6eztlLBURPScwV7E7hb89jLM%2Fw%3D http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyrryqLrrf1qj1a61o1_500.jpg medium brown hair. almost teal colored eyes. like that blusish green color. 6'3" and built pretty strong. not beastly, just not scrawny at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJOsjP33nF4 people know about keegan. mostly cause hes an asshole, and alot of people are scared of him. hes a reallly predominant drug dealer. and he doesnt take shit. he takes cash, and thats it. he wont fuck you for drugs, he wont do any of that shit. cash. and you'd better make sure you get it to him, cause hes not playing. hes really...hard. but in the smirky, idgaf, type way. like hes not broody or silent, hes chill, but its in a way where its like, he knows he can handle himself, so he has no reason to worry, type of way. As far as anyone knows, its just Keegan, and thats all it'll ever be. hes an asshole, who only cares about himself, and money. but thats not quite true. theres something that Keegan cares more about than anything, including himself. he got caught with drugs, but they couldnt get him with a dealing drug, so hes just getting community service. its not liek the police dont know hes a dealer. they just dont have any evidence to get him with. hes careful. hes got tattoos, on his back and upper arms, that extend onto his chest. no piercings.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rayelle. 18. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz4yeam6ET1r5uh2io1_500.jpg http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqhn05S3Uk1qla0nzo1_500.jpg hes from france, originally, but he only has an accent when hes not thinking about it. dark brown, almost black hair. his eyes change color alot, but atm theyre black and green. like, black inside with a thin green outline, so it looks like his pupils are dilated like crazy. 5'10" and tiny, tiny, liek a delicate ballet dancer. And that would be because that's what he is. He dances ballet, really, really well. thats kinda what hes known for? people will have him dance for them, private dances, and then sleep with him. because hes...mesmerizing, and breathtaking when he dances. He plays quite a few characters, but thats him, originally, and honestly? naturally. They didnt teach him how to dance like that. They taught him technique, and the talent was natural. He actually really does love dancing. It's the only thing that keeps him from breaking, or offing himself, honestly, because he HATES being a doll. but he loves dancing. Hes kiiind of a pain in the ass. Like, he has a temper? and hes not soft, at all. and they want him to be soft, because of his ballet stuff? like they expect him to be this frail, innocent, sweet thing, and hes like no. XD hes not edgy, hes just not a baby. he'll give you attitude, and if you hit him, he'll probably hit you back. He's not the obeying type, hes constantly challenging stuff. He doesnt try to run away, but only because he's not stupid. he knows he wont get far. He's not trying to get killed here, he has a sense of self preservation, hes just not fond of the idea of acting like a sex slave. XD Hes smart. and educated. and he knows it. he reads, he studies, its very important to him to be more than just a face. he can speak french, italian, and english, perfectly. Hes a good doll, alot of people like him, mostly because hes really...real. Like, people like that the interactions they have with him dont seem fabricated and rehearsed, and that's because theyre not. thats probably the only reason they havent tried to break him, more. His attitude is appealing to most. XD Hes protective of the other dolls. He's actually one of the older dolls, but hes really small, but hes realllly protective. He knows alot of them wont like...protect themselves if someone tries to hurt them? so he feels like he should protect them. He gets in alot of shit if you try to punish one of the other dolls, and he steps in. Hes not like, dreaming of a life outside of this. he's pretty much decided he'll do this until he dies at a very young age, like most dolls. He's pretty much resigned, but he's not going to let anyone know that. hes stubborn. XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8FarCnm1mE&ob=av2e
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Prince Rhiannon. 17. http://yuu-m.tumblr.com/post/17525337890 dark brown, almost black hair. bright green eyes. He's the first, and only, son of King Hector. His father is basically a tyrant. He conquers neighboring kingdoms and oppresses his people, like crazy. hes cruel, and selfish, and all he wants is to be immortal. When he was 19 he received a prophecy that said he would impregnate a gypsy woman who would birth a baby boy with a white aura, and he pretty much went on a pillage where he raped every gypsy woman he found, and held them hostage to see if they got pregnant. If they didnt, he killed them. Finally, Rhiannon's mother got pregnant, and Hector literally kept her prisoner until the baby was born, and he took Rhiannon from her right after, and she died, because he wouldnt allow anyone to give her any medical attention. He raised Rhia to believe he would be heir, and he was always nice to him, only because he didnt want him to hate him, so that when he turned 18, he'd be able to consume his aura. He basically kept Rhia locked up in a tower for Rhia's entire life. and now theres only a couple weeks until Rhia's 18th birthday, and Hector is making preparations for the Aura consumption, which will make him immortal. And thats pretty much where we are, in history. XD Rhia's smart, like all he had to do up there was read, pretty much. And he was told he was preparing to rule, so hes got alot of like political knowledge. Hes nothing like his father, though. Hes compassionate, and loyal, and selfless. Hes wants to reform the kingdom, he wants to make life easier. He doesnt want to be a tyrant. He has a reaaally big heart. but hes not this wimpy little guy. He trained, because he thought he was going to be one of the generals in the military, and he doesnt believe in sending people to die if hes not with them. He's really strong, in a mental sense, too. Hes fast, and hes got the gypsy instincts from his mother. Likes hes got that quick, silent, thief way of acting. He'd be useful to the reistance, it's not like he'd be this frail little thing that needs protection. hes not a fighter, but if its between you and him, hes gonna make sure its him walking away. XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdZLiORITBg
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Anthony Grace. 24. 6' 3" and built pretty slim. not small at all, hes just not like this really bulky dude. hes all muscle though. black hair, dark green eyes. hes usually got the scruff like in the picture. it doesnt look scruffy though, like he never looks like a bum, it never gets to be a full on beard. but he does shave, he is clean shaven sometimes. it just depends, honestly. regardless, he looks sexy. XD Hes a high profile defense lawyer. He takes on the cases where everyone is SURE the person is guilty, and then he convinces you theyre not. he does care whether the person is innocent or not, obviously, but if youre not, that wont stop him from taking the case. its all relative, to him. Hes not in it for the money, although most people think he is. its much bigger to him, than that. On camera, and in the court, hes charming, and friendly. well spoken, and slightly flirtateous if the situation calls for it. people are literally in love with him. but in real life, hes not liek that at all. hes reserved, level headed, and almost...cold. XD most people are afraid of him. mostly because hes not fond of stupidity, or laziness, or failure to meet standards. and his standards are prettty high. he goes through like 20 interns every 6 months because no one really lasts. hes got secretaries, who adore him, but actually work really hard. theyre not blonde slutty bimbos. and the lawyers that work under him are constantly like, inches away from being fired. Theres only a few of them, and they managed to get into their positions strictly with dumb luck, most times. they pulled information out of their ass, or worked a court room to pull out a victory in the nick of time, and Anthony gave them the spot. Now they spend their whole lives trying to keep up with what Tony expects of them. He hasnt kept an intern, in any position, in the past year and a half. No ones met standards. hes had this firm since he was 20, so four years, and hes already the top lawyer in not only NYC, but arguably the entire country. He has a penthouse apartment that no ones been in, and if you did, you'd immediately know hes not who he says he is. Hes got weapons up the ass, and profile after profile of escaped convicts, and fugatives. hes smart, brilliant in fact. which is why his standards at work are so high, it doesnt occur to him that normal people dont know the shit he does. XD hes not a murderer, he kills the people that need to be taken out. hes got his history, and his reasons, that eventually you'll know, but this shit is really important to him. hes not working for anyone, hes doing it on his own. he doesnt get paid to do it, its not his "job". he does it because its important to him, like i said. no piercings, a few tattoos. theyre all on his back and upper arms, so you would never see them while hes at work. most of them are in latin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mtsxFOzr28&feature=related
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Iwan Rheon. 24. http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwn1fy7KaC1qaq46ko1_500.jpg http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/252/60959781.png dark brown hair, bluish green eyes. 6' 4" and built strong, hes not scrawny. hes got visible muscle on him. hes got Dercum's Disease. He's had it since he was 14, so its in the end stages, at this point. to the point where he lives at the hospital, he cant function like...by himself. Hes the strong-face type. So even if hes got a raging fever, and hes barely able to stand because of the pain in his legs? he'll still read that kid a story, if he asks for it. hes an amazing guy. hes not like, shy, or quiet, but hes not this loud, cocky, obnoxious dude. hes just...friendly. average. he doesnt look sick, most of the time. if hes having a really bad day, he wont go down to the kids ward. mostly because he physically wont be able to, but also because he doesnt want the kids to see him like that. hes really well known on the kids ward floor, because the kids love him. Since the wards are practically seperate, almost no one down there knows hes a live-in patient. they know, only cause if something happens, but other than that, they dont. and you wouldnt really be able to guess. Hes a fairly good artist, but hes not trying to do anything with it. he draws the kids pictures, thats about it. He was in school for Marine Biology before Dercum's made it too hard for him to function. Iwan's had this disease long enough that hes already accepted the fact that the survival rate is practically zero, because its too rare of a disease for anyone to really put much effort into finding a cure for. Honestly, hes here until he dies. They dont think it'll be more than a year, at this point, and Iwan's made peace with that. His family is around, obviously, but only when it gets really bad. Theyre not like...unsupportive, its just not one of those things where you can be there 24/7 for. hes pretty smart, when hes recovering from a bad day, and he has to stay in bed, he reads books. literature, science, anything he can get his hands on. Hes not a genius, he just would be able to hold a pretty educated conversation. Obviously, he researches cures for Dercum's. Who wouldnt? but he never went to medical school. hes not making much progress, but it makes him feel alittle better about it. Theres one kid, named Marco, in the childrens ward, who has Dercum's too. If youre looking for Iwan and you cant find him anywhere, hes probably in Marco's room. no tattoos, no piercings. not because he doesnt like them, but because if he got either, it would hurt increeedibly bad, and he'd bruise in that area for like...2 weeks. so yeah, hes good. XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlpgNsJsNKI
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Austin. 17. senior. http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyj7p8tKpE1qjpiibo1_400.gif 6' 0" blonde hair, blue eyes. hes white. yes. XD he does live in the neighborhood, surrounded by hispanic people, and hes lived there his entire life, so hes accepted. he can even understand spanish, for the most part. cant speak it, but he can understand it. XD his stepdad is hispanic, and he married Austin's mom only like a year after Austin was born, so thats why they live here. Although hes really the only dad Austin's ever known, Austin really really doesnt think of him as his dad. probably because the guy is a complete douchebag. like...horrible. he beats Austin's mom up, comes home drunk, spends all their money on gambling and booze...hes just horrible. Austin used to be afraid of him, but now its at the point where he like, fights with him? like, if he starts going in on his mom, Austin will step in. He gets his ass kicked alot, but it keeps him off his mom, so thats honestly all he cares about. Austin's been trying to get his mom to leave for legit like 10 years, but shes terrified of him, so she refuses. they dont have any family, liek on his mom's side? and Austin's stepdad wont let her have friends so they dont..really have anywhere to go. Austin's been saving up money, secretly, so he can pay for an apartment and move them far away from him. He loves his mom, hes a damn hard worker, and hes got his shit, but it doesnt show,. he puts on a brave face so much for his mom, that now, he just kinda wears it 24/7. He works in a corner store, thats where the money comes from. he'll work like all night and do his homework behind the counter. hes been held up a couple times, obviously, its the hood. usually he just hands them all the money in the register. XD but he does have a gun back there, if someone tried to reach behind the counter, he'd pop one if their face, hes not a priss. XD At school alot of people think they can mess with him, just cause hes legit like, the only white kid ever? but he grew up in the same neighborhood as everyone else in this school. hes not a privileged rich kid. he's gotten into fights and won. people dont really fuck with him anymore. XD

Na'im. 17. junior.
http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyjb38micl1qgzxcao1_500.gif black hair, dark brown eyes. 5' 9" and tiny. hes got hips, and hes hot in the seductive, makes you feel like youre doing something wrong by looking at him, way. XD hes a stripper, and he has his reasons, obviously. Guys try to get with him alot, but he usually turns them down, obviously. its not common knowledge that hes a stripper, obviously, but it wouldnt be that hard to find out. Hes pretty quiet. He loves his family, none of whom know hes a stripper, obviously. XD hes sweet if you get to know him, but if you dont, he can come off as a bit standoffish. but thats just because he doesnt want to get close to anyone, because hes afraid people will judge him, or use him, or abuse him. cause its happened before, and hes at the point where hes not trying to risk it, again. he goes out and parties when his friends drag him out, but hes not the drinking, smoking, toting it up type. he can dance, like hips, eyes closed, type hispanic dancing. the mesmerizing shit. XD and he does that, hes not shy about that. he can have a good time, hes just not loud and obnoxious. hes much more...soulful. not really shy, just quiet. hes veryyy loyal, and dedicated. hes the type of guy that will take a loooot of shit from his man, and take care of him. not that hes a doormat? hes just the type thats like, a cook in the kitchen, a slave in the laundry room, and an acrobat in the bed. he takes care of his man. XD which is why hes not really easy to get to, because he knows people can take advantage of him, and people have, and he doesnt want anyone to do it again. ears pierced, tattoo on his hips and lower back.

Mathias. 18. http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxgzwluuxD1qkspsro1_500.jpg medium brown hair, green eyes. hes pretty tan, but hes cuban, so it makes sense. XD hes in the Cubanos. Like, thats the name of the gang. its pretty much allllll the cubans in the entire neighborhood. they dont like...hate everyone else? like, its not like they have this crazy cuban pride and everyone else sucks. its more like they have crazy cuban pride, and they stick together, but theyre cool with anyone whos cool. XD They have beef with other gangs that start shit, but they dont just hate you, cause youre not one of them. Which is honestly the only reason Mathias is in this thing. XD hes a partier, doesnt really give a shit about school, hes in it cause his mama would kick his ass if he quit, but hes not a brainiac in any sense of the word. XD hes the kid yelling across the cafeteria in spanish like BITCH WHERES MY PUDDING CUP?! XD hes got alot of friends, and he loves a good time. he drinks, but he doesnt do drugs. hes got two older brothers that are protective, but not overly protective. they know he can take care of himself, they dont treat him like a girl. but if someone fucked with him, they'd be dead. XD hes got his brother behind him, and then allll the cubanos, so seriously, just dont try it. hes got his ears pierced but he only ever wears diamond studs in them. he wears a cross with the little jesus cruxification on it, all the time. hes got a tattoo on the base of his neck of the cuban flag, with no color. like its just the outline of it. all the cubanos have it. and on his back, hes got wings. on the inside of his wrist hes got: fly high. for one of the guys he knew who died in a driveby shooting a year or so back. he comes off as shallow, and a partier, who doesnt give a shit about anything, but obviously theres more to him than that.

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