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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

internet issues :/
yeah, it's like the title said. my mum took away my internetz at home about 2 weeks ago, so i've had to use different compies to go online and post to y'all. too bad i can't see my purdyful picture in my background since the school computers won't show anything from imageshack. i donno why. >x<

why did she take the internetz away from goldy? she didn't want me to become "addicted" to it, i guess. :x
my grandparents had visited for thanksgiving and i spent too much time on my compy. so she took it from me since i didn't pay them enough attention. plus she still thinks i'm glued to the computer screen, but i dun think so. :p but i'll have it back soon hopefully, no no worries, duckies. :>

anywhos, i got a macbook over the thanksgiving break, for all my arts and manga and etc. she ordered the adobe creative suite (photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, animator, etc.) for only 600 bucks instead of 1700. :p all because she's taking a college class to get a higher degree. so woot for me. :D
i also have a cool manga-making program i'll be using on my sketched incognito pages, and it allows you to make real manga. *3*

anywhos, i hope you've all been going great! i have.

and sorry about my not commenting on your posts since i came back, but i will once i'm able to go online on my own luffly comp. :>

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