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Sunday, December 2, 2007

back in action! :>
woot woot! goldy finally updates.
i missed you all sososososo much, and i hope you all remember me well. anyways, the portfolio will be updated soon enough, at least it will after i can get the adobe suite on my mac. :>

i made a completely renovated version of incognito and have sketched out, what, 24 pages so far? i'll still be using the same old floofy cover because i luff it. x3

so, the deadline for my colouring contest is now christmas! i have all of your entries safely tucked away in my files, and am working on them. :3 if you want to enter, pleesh check out the link in my opening to find out more.
anywhos, next post i'll be putting up a poll, just for the fun of it.

goldy is signing out for now! i'll post again as soon as i can. :D

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