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Friday, January 12, 2007

well, today... is friday? i cant ever remember. im so used to having half days on friday. all day i was like "no way! its really friday!?" ah.... that proves im outta it... this world... gah! we got a new kid. he made my friend cry cuz he was bein a snob. sayin mean stuff bout us and its only his second day here! hehheh... but he got in trouble :P lol today was good, i guess. nothing muched happened. at least we get off mon >< OMG! Naruto is on ^^ lol and Sauske and Naruto just kissed (3rd episode, the part where the guy hits Naruto and accidently makes him hit Sasuke and kiss him... by mistake!!) lol ah... well... im bored. may as well post later. the only other thing(s) i have to say is that i posted new (and what i believe to be messy) fan art and how was your day?
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