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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mr. Snow Miser theres no snow
well, as the title states, theres no snow. but listen (ahem... read): everything is loadin too slow and my comp isnt workin great either (today) for some reason. wonder why? well... i cant believe the weekend is almost over TT.TT we have to go to school tomorrow!!!! no mom! dont let me go!! >< (lol) i have tests practically the minute i get back. bleah... tests make me sick... today, i was thinkin about my art project i had to do. if the teacher likes it, shes gonna put me in the art show o.O if she doesnt... then she doesnt. i dont wanna enter anyway. just like that contest last year. the art teacher AND my art class wanted me to enter but i didnt. and they all found out and went to strangle me :P i dont think im that great!! nuh-uh! no way!! but still, i guess im not all that bad. seems like everyone is takin their xmas trees down... we took ours down too. the ppl are collectin them tomorrow. and it still hasnt snowed!!! why!? it shouldve snowed at least on Christmas!!! well, anyway, heres a song:

I'm Mr. White Christmas
I'm Mr. Snow.
I'm Mr. Icicle
I'm Mr. Ten Below.

My friends call me Snow Miser
Whatever I touch
Turns to snow in my cluctch!
I'm too much

He's Mr. White Christmas
He's Mr. Snow.
He's Mr. Icicle
He's Mr. Ten Below

My friend calls me Snow Miser
Whatever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch!
He's too much

or at least it goes like that. the Heat Miser and Snow Miser are Mother Natures children, arent they? or at least thats what i thought they said on one of those xmas movies when they got into a fight. its been warm out here though. ovbiously (sp?), there wont be any snow for awhile. someone heard that we may have snow this week. but i dont think so. rain? probaly. snow? not likely. well, not much to say. my day was just grueling boring with homework to do and yes Ky, i finished your trade art. im about to put it on now. its pretty small though (i think). my comp isnt workin, so i had to scan it and only came out 57kb :P whatever. lets see how it works after i submit it. how was your day?

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