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Saturday, January 6, 2007

hello myO buddies! havent been on for awhile. weathers been nice over here. i was outside all day :P i cant help but feel bored now. i just made brownies. its 6:16p (im typin in random stuff.) so... i have a question.

~whats your fav flavor of ice cream (only one allowed)~
--chocolate (0)
--vanilla (0)
--strawberry (0)
--other (1)

im just curious. wow... im just really bored. im workin on a chibi Temari pic. then i plan on doin Hinata. and then... and then i have no ides XP (lol) well, i havent seen theO or myO for awile now. i have 200 sigs. better see who signed my GB and i have to sign theirs back!! i guess im done for now. how was your day?

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