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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

not as tired
heyy! well, today, im not as tired. i was freakin sleepy in school, but managed to survive through the day without sleeping... and yet more boring classes. i have homework that is a lil confusing, but not as bad. i have a math quiz tomorrow (unexpectedly). i really have no clue what it is on. do any of you watch Samurai Deeper Kyo? i watch it occasionaly :P by the way, i made a new site! you guys can go check it out. like ive always said, ill spend more time on MDA then any of my other accounts :P but i do plan on spendin time on my new one. hope you guys like it!! and dont forget, im ALWAYS on MDA!! and did you know the purple Tellitubby is gay? and the symbol on his said means gay and they say bad words?? my whole class knows it (and no, we dont watch Tellitubbies. its just something we remember from our childhood) yeah, i hate Tellitubbies now. they oughta be off air (if theyre still on). yeah, im done. how was your day?

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