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Sunday, December 31, 2006

(Naruto) Years Eve!
hello myOtaku!! how are you all today? tnx you guys who read my poem and commeneted it, and yes, it does need work. how is everyones New Years Eve? i hope its doin well. everytime New Years Eve comes, i feel so weird eating dinner. its not the normal dinner i have for 364 (unless a leap year [365]) days of year -_-" but, since Naruto will be on until... 10:30p (i think), ill end up watching it. :P ive been recording it and watching it all day! well, anyway, i hope you all have a great year starting tomorrow (already a few hours away from '07)!! ill be back to write another post tamarraw... cya! oh yeah! ehats your 'res for the new year!?
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