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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Naruto addicted
heyy everyone. sorry i havent seemed to be gettin on. got lots of cool stuff this Christmas (like 3 Naruto games) and ive been to busy playin it. i even got my cuzs - who want nothing to do w/ Naruto - to play it. my cuz came over today and was like "you wanna play Naruto Rose?" i said yes and then my older cuz (her older bro) was like "im playin too!!!" and i was like "yeah, sure" and we all played for like, 2 solid hours :P my older cuz kept playin as Sasuke, my other cuz played as Naruto and i switched from Kakashi, Shikamaru, Gaara, and Hinata. every time i played as Shikamaru, my cuz (the one who always played as Sasuke) would say "Shadow Possession Justu!" every time i used that justu, and then they would copy his wacky, insane, funny moves. i guess they found it amusing. anyway, thats mostly all i did today (besides that i just posted new fan art). so guys, how was your Christmas and day?
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