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Friday, December 15, 2006

heyy guys. my brain is all messed up, my leg hurts, and im tired (i think) but dont feel it... i think. yeah, i know im making NO sense, but i just got Final Fantasy X (aka - FFX, as you all know) today. i already have FFX-2... in fact, i have many FF games but i got FFX only today :P the bosses are wacky, i couldnt tell if i was scared or if i just felt scared cuz i felt tired or w/e and the game makes no sense. i just read this whole thing and i totally forgot what i read... yeah... i knew that was gonna happen... -_-" im happy i got the game, but at the same time tired and confused cuz i know not what is happenin... TT.TT im either gonna neglect that game till sunday or im gonna play, get even more confused, and ban the game for the weekdays. lol anyway, TGIF!!!!!!!!!! ^^ one thing im happy for!!! ^^ um....ummmmmmmmmm........... ok, i really have nothing much to say, guess il put up another post some other time.... i guess. how was your day?
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