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Saturday, December 9, 2006

its just this morning...
well, its only morning over here so im gettin off in 10 and added another post later, kk? WoW! arent many people who update their site in the morning o.O lol anyway, im bored out of my mind... maybe i should draw... my lil bros friend is over. he came over 8:50 this morning and wont leve till like, 2p!!!! not cool! its only 10:02a right now, might as well browse around, get off, draw, yatta yatta and then come back on at 12p or 1p so i can IM more of my friends. only a few come on so early in the mornin. sigh.... not really much to write but a block away (i can see out my window) and 1:30a or so, a house went on fire. everyone made it out alive but by the time they made it out, their house was engulfed by flames!! i feel so bad. im just happy they survived. and my grandma went to the hospital yesterday for surgery. shes doin ok, just not allowed to walk upstairs for a few days or drive. tnx God shes ok. well, anyway, hows your morning? ill write more later
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