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Thursday, December 7, 2006

tamarraw i dont have school, today was Craft Day so we watched a video in Spanish class, played kickball outside the WHOLE day and we watched a video for the last 25 mins before we went home!!!! ^^ some kid went on his knees cuz he wanted gum (started callin me 'lord Rose'), i made an awesome catch and kicks today in kickball, my mom is tellin me something (i have no idea what) amd some kid got freakined pissed off at me today but i could crae less. it was the same kid who made us get the tissue rule (dumb ass). some boys in my class were mimicing 6th graders (you had to be there! it was soooooo funny!)
heres the results of my KH games (how i did w/ progress):
KH: i have to beat Olympus Coliseum, seal the keyhole and then maybe ill be able to go to Halloween Town!
KHCoM: i just have to find this card, beat Marluxia and i finished Soras story mode! then ill have the option to play Rikus or not. i plan on playing his.
KH2: ive finished that games MONTHS ago, but i still paly it! its fun to play from the beginning, y'know? i have 24 files!
i promise ill write more tomorrow! how was your day? im in a delightful mood!!! today rocked!!!!!!!!! ^^

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