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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

idk (how my past 2 days were)
well, i havent been on theOtaku for 2 days (or 1! heehee) and i havent seemed awfully busy this week either. i dont really habve tests and i have Craft Day tomorrow so i dont have work or anything like that ^^ (yay me!) so, last night sucked, today (more like this morning) sucked and then, all my friends and other kids wanted me to read my story (i had to do some creative writing assignment). i added in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinder, and the class went hysterical. it was funni - so if this doesnt seem funny to you - you just HAD to be there! oh... right. i have to do some more work on the first KH game. you dont even wanna know what part im on. im doin better on KH:COM and i beated KH2, so you really, really, REALLY dont wanna know what im stuck on... heh... heh... heh... ^^' (ok, its NOT the beginning of the game!) lets see what else... the kid who likes me.... i guess he likes me. everyone says he does: even though he doesnt say it. YAY! my b-day is in 5 days!!! y'know what? my friends always buy me gifts! there sooooooooooooooooooooo nice! my one friend was talkin to me in PE yesterday. her name was Kristina. this is something luike the following convo:
Kristina: "Rose, what do you want for X-mas?"
me: "idk"
Kristina: "whens your b-day?"
me: "this monday"
Kristina: "THIS MONDAY!?!? forget about x-mas!!! i need to know what you want for your b-day!!"
it was actually funny how she freaked out. my one friend, Maria, were like the same ppl. we both like games and all, but were not totally alike. nuh-uh. were only about 50-50 alike. my one friend wont be here for my b-day. were also doin secret santa. its fun! we did it last year (and maybe the year before?). (it seems damn amazin we can get tissues now w/o asking, amazin, aint it?) anyway, nm to write anymore. so ending here; how was your day? oh! and we had to do the secret santa all over again, so i got Kristina.

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