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Monday, December 4, 2006

roday was retarted. i mean, sure it wasnt bad, but we get these new rules EVERYDAY in school cuz this one fat kid in my class is a tattle-tale. screw him! dammit! i said screw him! SCREW HIM!!!!!!!!! sorry, like the rest of my class, were really pissed at him. were doin Secret Santa - me and my friends - and i got Maria. shes easy to get stuff for. were almost like the same people. weird, huh? besides that wanna hear the new rule in my class? it goes like so: "you need to raise your hand to ask the teach if you can get a tissue" is that fing retarted or what? i mean, SCREW THAT KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got in even MORE trouble today because of him!!!!! well, now you know how my day was.... how was yours? (oh and dont mind the language. i usually dont say 'f' so please dont hate me for sayin it)
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