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Friday, August 11, 2006

most loved/liked
im making this post for anybody who has a most fav/liked/loved character(s) from books,video games,movies,and shows. im starting out with KH (8/11). if you want other categories listed (like FF) or characters (like Rinoa from FFVIII) write him/her/it down and your opinion.
NOTE: there are some rules to this post. they are:
-the minimum of characters is 1 and the maximum is 3 (for your opinion)
(-you have to wait at least 2 days before putting your opinion on again)
-please dont make fun of others opinion. would you like yours made fun of?
-if youd like to add another character to the category (such as KH) or another category, i need:
a. the name of the show/book/game/movie
b.i need characters, at least 2, one girl and a guy.
if a name becomes popular, the name is written bigger.
if its UNpopular it will start out how it began.
EXAMPLE: AXEL>axel or axel
these are the rules, etc. and theyre not made to be evil but to make it a little easier for me. to contact me, private message me. if you got any ideas or more names for categories, please tell me. thank you!

sora(4) roxas(1) seifer(0) hayner(0) rai/raijin(0) pence(0) xemnas/xehanort(0) ansem the wise/diz(0) xaldin(0) xigbar(0) vexen(0) marluxia(0) luxord(0) zexion(0) lexaeus(0) saix(0) demyx(0) axel(3) riku(2) setzer(0) cloud(0) leon/squall leonhart(0) cid(0) sephiroth(0) tidus(0) wakka(0)
larxene(0) namine(0) kairi(0) fuu/fuujin(0) olette(0) aurora(0) belle(0) alice(0) cinderella(0) jasmine(0) snow white(0) yuffie(2) aerith(1) tifa(0) selphie(0) maleficent(1) yuna(1) rikku(1) paine(1)

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