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Sunday, March 16, 2008

konnichiwa and hajimemashite!
hello everyone!!! yeah, i'm feeling a tad hyper now (maybe it was the chocolate) but i'll try and act less hyper-crazed in this post. anyway, how is everyone? good, i hope. i'm glad many of my friends are stil going to be using myO!! ^^ myO is like a home....and a less, complicated way to read posts and comment without any 'black screen' in your way (lol)

first off, i wanna ask: how is everyone liking the new theO now? for me, i'm still so-so, but now i can get everywhere without problems. hopefully, the rest of us know it like the back of our hands too, ne?

anyway, today my dad took me and my younger brother to a new bookstore, Barnes & Nobels, which is almost like a fantasy resort for book-loves (in this case, i'm a manga-lover). they have a gigantic store that's two stories high and they provide you with an escalator or elevator to get to and from the bottom and top level (much more convienant than stairs). i got Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist (despite that there was no Fruits Basket) manga, and an Anime Insider (AI) which my dad got me a yearly subscription but it has not even been mailed to us yet. We also went to a golfing range (because my younger brother wanted to) and to Funcoland, which is a gaming store that literally owns all the GameStops. my dad went in to see how much the PSP was but came back out all boggled and confused (because there are 2 different PSPs) so i had to go in with him. the guy behind the counter told me that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was going to be hard to get when it first comes out so i pre-ordered it and the guy said i may end up getting it on the 26th instead of the 25th. i was the happiest person in the world and when my dad asked - about a half hour later - if my happiness had "weared down" i told him i'd scream cause i was getting CCFF7 but i had promised i wouldn't until i was actually holding the game. i told him i was coming close to "hypervenalating with a smile" too cause i'm excited. scary, i know (lol).

for now, i wanna say that i'm trying to decided whether i should make my posts long, short, or in-between. i think i'm rather off with in-between. but until i get a clear answer, you'll have to see yesterday's post on my WORLD. it i do end up posting a post today on my WORLD, and it's the first post, please go down a post. it starts about how late i was posting.

question: do you think i should write long posts, short posts, or in-between posts (meaning there not incredibly long but not incredibly short either)? i need everyone's opinion!!

another question: is An Cafe (Antic Cafe) a good band? i have a few friends who listen to the band, but i was never so sure if i should listen to it myself. i just happened to read though in my AI magazine that they are a popular band. what do you guys have to say about them?

come visit my WORLD

have a great day!!! :D

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