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Saturday, February 23, 2008

[post from yesterday!]
heyy everyone! how are you guys? i havn't been on in awhile....gomen nasai. i actually had all week to come on since it was winter vacation for my school but i was too busy playing FF7 and whereas i updated yesterday, my comp kicked me off just before i was able to add the post to my site. it was a long post and i wasn't in the mood for re-typing it all over again so i let it slide. guess that was just my laziness..... ^^' anyways, *hugs* thank you everyone who visited me on my last post!! thank you very much! and now, i will continue.

it's snowing today :D and i mean, there's LOTS OF IT!!!!! yays!!! it's rarely snowed all year, and now there's finally snow! every other time it snowed, it only lasted for a few hours. sucks, right? it's suppose to snow all the way from today into tomorrow, so hopefully it will stay. i pray it will, anyway.

*continuing* so did anyone see the lunar eclipse this week? if i remember correctly, it happened wednesday. i was so tired that night (cause i was so busy that day) that the first thing i said when i saw the moon with the sun over it was, "looks like mars". lol that's literally what i said. it's not i was meaning to sound stupid or anything, i was just really tired. and you know, when you see the sun over the moon, and it looks red, it looks like mars (cause obviously, mars is a red planet). speaking of mars, my teacher randomly started talking about earth's enviornment and said that if we don't stop pollution/global warming/etc, we may really have to move to another planet. he said the most likely planet we'd have to move to is mars because it supposedly had/has life on it. i remember how my friend freaked out. she was like, "omg! do we seriously have to move to mars!?!?" everyone just laughed at her. she was so out of it that day, and she actually - out of random - heard what my teacher said.

another 'random' topic, but did any of you know that japanese broadcasting is starting to invade our tvs? i know some of my friends know, but what about you guys? i mean, beside anime and japanese/japanese-based movies, we have japanes programs. like, for instance, on the G4 network, they have some shows from japan (Ninja Warrior, Super Big Product Fun Show, Unbeatable Banzuke). i mean, there are some other channels, but did anyone reliaze now we're getting japanese programs? i'm just wondering.

well, to continue on, last week were my finals, this week was winter vacation for me (but now it's over), and i have to go back on monday TT.TT hopefully, if the snow stays on the ground and it's slippery and icy, school will be cancelled. we havn't had a snow day once this year.....

anyway, maybe some of you have reliazed that now when you come here, you don't hear "Ao no Requiem" all the time. yes, i still have it in my playlist, but i added on some new songs and now it goes to any random song. some of you may know to songs, some of you may not. i doubt any of you have heard the songs "Tango Maureen" or "Seasons of Love" before. you would've never heard them unless you've seen the broadway play or movie, RENT. like i said, i've kept all my original songs on here and added some to it.

finally, before comments and the vids/pics, have any of you ever heard of the video game Lost Odyssey? it's for the xbox 360, and was made by the man who created Final Fantasy (however, it's not owned by Square Enix it's owned by Mistwalker). i don't own an xbox 360 (which i really could care less cause i'm not getting the game) but when i saw the commercial for the first time (which was on last friday), i thought the guy in the beginning was Zack, so i thought it was a CCFF7 commercial. i was like freaking out. the minute i saw the guy, i screamed, "ZACK!" really loud (probaly loud enough for the neighborhood could hear me). like, when i first saw the main character, (who i mistook for Zack), he had black hair and a front part (so i thought it was Zack's older version) and he was without a shirt (so i thought it was when Zack was at Costa del Sol), but then i reliazed it was a guy named Kaim, and not Zack TT.TT my heart was pounding so hard! and i was so expecting a CCFF7 commercial! i've been waiting for one for soooooooo long!!!! and no, i still havn't gotten my psp, but i'm on my way. and CCFF7 comes out in another month and 3 days :D yayayayayayayay!!!!!!!!! XD i also liked the song on the comemrcial, "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane (now Jefferson Starship). my mom said she recognized the song, and she said it dealt with drugs. when i was looking it up yesterday, i found out it just didn't deal with drugs, but also was directed towards Alice in Wonderland (and it wasn't directed as acompliment, either). i'm sure everyone's seen Alice in Wonderland, played the Alice in Wonderland version on KH/KHCoM and/or has read the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. i've never read the book. i've only seen the movie when i was little and played the KH/KHCoM stage of it. but when you listen to the song carefully, you can tell it deals with Alice in Wonderland, basically because she takes several different drug substances in order to change herself (exs: one to make her bigger, and one to make her smaller). weird, isn't it. i'm not saying it's a bad movie or anything though (to those of you who really like the movie), i'm just pointing out then we were little, we wouldn't have had the slightest clue that she used drugs to changes herself. like i said, i'm not saying it's bad or anything. another thing is both the book and song were made in the 1960s, which was when people used lots of drugs. and Grace Slick, who made the song, said that she made it because she "wanted people to know that when parents read their kids Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (which, like i said, has Alice dealing with drugs in order to change herself), the parents would often wonder why their kids grew up to take drugs". it's different now. i mean, people still take drugs, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't as bad as in the 1960s. like i said (for the billionth time), not a bad movie or book or anything, the song just sorta intrigued me when i read about it's background.

finally, comment time!
midnightqueen!!!!!! *hugs* you havn't been to my site in awhile! glad you came back to visit :D haha~ yeah, my posts sometimes end up long. and today, it's REALLY long. lol haha~ glad you liked the story and the vids :D sis (kyberay)!!!!!! *hugs* i had fun talkin to you last night! gavin was so cute when he kept saying "ho! ho! ho!" and when he said "hi" and "goodbye" to me. haha~ and i guess our younger brothers have more in common then we though :P glad you also liked the story and pic! and finally, Angel Zakuro!!! *hugs* welcome back! yeah, you forgot to comment on my last post but hey, that's ok. you always come and comment on my stuff. *hugs* yeah, and me and my friends talkin about 'random nonsense' about the emo pen/smiley world/etc. it was great :D if you're wondering how they got Sephiroth, Cloud, Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo to dance it's because they have one of those Sims games. he's not actually singing the song, they just sorta inserted it in. lo glad you also liked the pic :D

and finally, some videos and pics to finish up the post!
Lost Odyssey TV Commercial

what do you guys think? that guy looks sorta like Zack right? btw, the song on this commercial is the one i mentioned before

Gackt falls off stage

it's 6 seconds long but he sorta just falls off the stage out of random XP

Hidden meat

just a random thing with Gackt (yeah, another Gackt thing XP) something to do with "Hidden Meat" in the back of a supermarket and at the end, he plays a tune for them on the piano, not reliazing the people are moving the piano as he plays XP

and to finish up with a few pics :]

Zack: [insert high pitched voice]

a Sephy-kun pic for Angel Zakuro, since i havn't put on a Sephy pic in so long. well, she get's double the Sephy in this pic :3 btw, the song KH2 Sephiroth is singing is "Dirty Pop" by the now-no-longer-exsiting band, N*Sync. and supposedly, KH2 Sephy's voice actor, is lance bass, from the now-no-longer-exsisiting N*Sync band o.O .....now i have "Dirty Pop" stuck in m head...... XP

have a great day!!! :D

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