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Friday, February 1, 2008

woot! half day :D
hi everyone! today i had a half day of school, and since i just came home, i decided i'd actually post something. *gasp!* lol i rarely post during weekdays, but i'm trying to start posting more often. i don't think all you guys can stand my 'long' posts. i'm sorry for always making them so long! i don't mean to, it just happens. anywayz.....

this week was somewhat hectic. we had lots of homework, had tests, etc etc. besides my week being hectic, some funny stuff happened. my friend dan - who broke his arm - and my friend tori fooled around in one of our classes. we laughed so much, we we're surprised we didn't get in trouble. when dan had to correct my stuff (and i had to correct his), he went to borrow a red pen. of course, the teacher didn't have any left and i had an extra (dunno why i did) so i went to give it to him but couldn't find it. so, i asked him if he wanted to correct with a pink highlighter cause i didn't have a red pen but i had the hioghlighter. he was like, "oh! pink!" and it was just funny the way he said. i asked if i could draw in his book and he said i could and i was like, "you can draw in mine of you want" and he was like, "you expect someone crippled (*note* kids called him "cripple" because of his broken arm) to be able to draw?" and me and tori laughed (he didn't specifically care). i drew a flower and hje was like, "oh...thanks...a flower..." and i was like, "fine!" and i wrote, 'feel better dan =]' and i showed it to him. then me and tori saw a picture of a video tape in the book (we have no idea why, though) and we wrote 'smiley world' on it. we cracked up hysterically and showed dan, who started laughing. then tori drew a sad face and wrote, 'emo people go to smiley world' and we continued to laugh. dan wrote in my book, 'elmo loved his crayons' and i started singing that stupid elmo song. (and we continued laughing) then i wrote in his book, 'elmos loved his crayons and his goldfish (yes he does)'. then i saw a picture of these two guys and i drew smiles on their faces and wrote, 'these guys are HAPPY because they went to SMILEY WORLD' then, to finish up, he drew an emo face and i went and took out a blue highlighter and drew a happy face over it. we were laughing so hard that everytime we stopped laughing and all 3 of us looked at eachother, we started cracking up again. (****NOTE**** IF YOU DO NOT FIND THIS FUNNY, THAT'S BECAUSE YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!!!) finally, he asked to borrow a pen and i had this really small blue pen. i was like, "is it ok if it writes in blue?" he didn't care and tori took it from me and was like, "NO! THIS IS THE EMO PEN!!!!" so my small lil blue pen officially is known as the 'emo pen' (well, to us 3 anyway) that when you write with it, you have to be emo. (oy, we weidos. you have to be there to find it funny if you don't find any of this funny) that was what happened, and that was the best part of the week. like i said, you don't find this funny, it's 'cause you weren't there. dan's one of the funniest people you'll ever met (really). dan ˘žs smiley world :P

anyway, it's raining ^^ it's nice and dark and it's finally raining (hasn't rained in awhile). guess - because it hasn't rained in awhile - i didn't remember how cold rain is (or it's just colder today than usual). hmmm.....i should finish up soon. i need to eat some lunch....

comment time!
15385bic!!!! *hugs* you havn't been to my site in awhile. yes, i was moody the day i post. i don't mean to be....it just happened to be one of my bad days. yup! i know you love zelda more than final fantasy. zelda's a fun game series, it's one of my top 3 :D yes, things have gone better for me. believe me. sis!!!!!!! (kybeary) glad you like the new theme *hugs* god, you're another one whop hasn't been here in awhile! lol gerard is invadin' your computer :P corn!!!!!!!! *hugs* i'm upset i can't download Ao no Requiem! i really wanted to download it too!!! it's not fair! nope, havn't gotten my psp yet, but i'm gettin there :D and finally, Aeris-1!!!! *hugs* wow....when was the last time you visited my site? i can hardly remember :P it's ok you can't give me the song, but do you think maybe you can find out what site you're friend got it from? please? i really wanna download that song! rawr....

anyway, i don't have time to get new vids/pics, so i'm posting the same ones i posted last week, 'cause people said they didn't get to see them 'cause they were busy. so, here they are! hompefully you guys will have time to watch em!

funny kingdom hearts flash

random much? it has the One Winged Angel theme on it XP

Sephiroth: I Will Survive

omfg, this is hilarious!!!! Sephiroth is singing "i will survive" in a dress and cloud, kadaj, yazoo and loz are the background dancers :P so random, but funny

and finally, a picture....

cute, isn't it? lol

ahhhhhhhh....! my tongue feels like someone cut it. i hope i'm not gettin' a cold or nuthin'.

have a great day! :D

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