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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day
hi everyone. wow! can't believe it's '08 already!! the year flew by so quickly.... -___-" it's still a bit hard to believe it ended. first, i would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years (even though i'm late) and a Merry (VERY LATE) Christmas. didn't everyone get what they wanted for xmas? i did ^^ i'm sorry i didn't get to post on xmas. i was posting yesterday for new years, but my internet cut me off and i didn't feel like re-writing the post again. *sigh* sorry bout that.

anyway, i'm sortof tired. i didn't go to bed until 3 in the morning, and my eyes were so blury when i woke up, i couldn't tell if it was 7am or 9am. i'm awake now, but i really don't have much to do TT.TT i should still continue on though, shouldn't i?

has everyone made a new year's res? mine may seem important(?) to some of you. my new years res is to POST MORE OFTEN. well, i have other res', such as practicing more and getting better at art, such and such, but i know alot of people have told me to post more often. and it's true - i should - so this year, i'm gonna post more often. ^^ does that make anyone happy?? what's your new year's res?

*continuing* i got lots of good stuff for xmas. one thing i got, though, almost made me hypervenelate on the floor. i unwrapped a gift and to my suprise it was Final Fantasy VII. i fell to the floor and my mom said i almost hypervenelated. lol now i have the game, so i play it like crazy. i also play my wii like crazy. lol the 'after effects of xmas'.

i also found out (in the beginning of december) that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is coming out 3/28/08. i almost screamed. i mean, i'm dying to get this game, but i don't own a psp TT.TT my dad said he'll gladly help me pay for the psp, so long i pay for the game itself. so i've been saving up for both psp and CC:FF7. omg, i can't wait!!! when i told my mom, she acted almost like i was crazy. in fact, we went to a store the other day, and they had a game aisle. and above the psp thingy, they have a flat screen tv that shows you upcoming games. i told my mom to stop moving and because i said it so excitetly (sp?), my mom thought i hurt myself. when i told her i thought the tv had Crisis Core on it, me and her just stood there. she was staring at me as i stared delightfully at the tv, but only to find out it wasn't Crisis Core. it looked like it when i first saw it, and because we were a distance away, i wasn't sure if it was it or not. after about a minute, i reliazed it probaly wasn't CC:FF7, and i was right. for most of you, you probaly understand how excited i was. if you don't, look at it this way: what if you were in that store, watching the tv, thinking it had a preview of a game you are anxious for. you would be excited, wouldn't you?

and now, to answer the comments! Angel Zakuro!!!! *hugs* forst off, i wanna thank you again for the birthday card!!! i luved it ^^ and also, i wanna thank you for always visitng me!! i'll try to visit you more often, promise! oh, yeah......craft day. i literally couldn't eat. yeah, the fish 'jumped out' of its fish bowl thing and my friend screamed. i probaly said it....really confusing(?). lol sorryy bout that. tnx for the good luck with drawing real people! i can't believe my art teacher expects me to draw life-like-ism. i mean, it's not that hard or bad, but i feel like i'll mess up *doh! gets hit in head for messing up* anya!!!! i'm so damn sorry for how long it took me to get your part of the trade art up! i'm glad you forgave me! your birthday pic is on its way. already thought of a pose n everythin. just don't know if i have enough paper with me at the moment :P i never knoew i was a week and a half older than you :DDDD tnx for the happy belated birthday wish (or whatever people call it) ^^ *hugs* 15385bic!! tnx for telling me happy belated birthday! i'm so glad you're finally back on.....and that you finally posted!!! you've been off for what seems like forever XP glad you're back!

well, i hope everyone had a great new year! once again, me res is to post more often and (i didn't say this before).......to visit more sites! yup! i almost never visit sites (or so it seems) and i'm always having people visit me, so i'm gonna visit you guys now! if i don't leave me comment saying so, and i'll go visit you :D wnjoy the vid!

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Ghost Love Score (Nightwish)

oh! before i finish, i just wanna say THANKS to everyone of my friends out there who have been by me and there for me when i needed you guys most ^^ you guys are truely great friends! dunno what i'd do without cha! you guys have been there to cheer me up, make me smile, laugh and be happy. you guys truely are great people ^^ i'll be sure to visit you guys often, too, so i'm there for you as well :D *hugs* once again, THANK YOU!

have a great day :D

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