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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

   youtube-ness!!!! (sorry, Angel Zakuro, no Sephy-kun pic)
hihihi ^^ wow, today i'm a tad hyper... quite unusual for me to be hyper on a rainy day. i'm usually sleepy :P lol by the way instead of pics today, i'm posting videos from youtube ^^ so, tnxies *hugs* to everyone who visited me!!!!! it's been so long - and so many people visited ^0^ tnx you all!!!! *continues to hug* well, i guess i better continue, right?

today was pretty boring. well, this whole week, was boring, period. i just spent my time drawing, and creating this new bunny-like character and over the weekend, changed formats, etc. like my new avi? it's Gackt. the way he's dancing, you can't help but wonder, "is he spazzing out??" lol well, what else to say...? lemme think....

lately, i've been obsessed with "Longing", by Gackt. i dunno why, but i luv the song. i've seen the video a gazillion times, and i'm like, "again! again! AGAIN!" (lol) for some strange reason. besides that *totally skipping over Gackt subject* it's, like i said, raining. not that i mind, i like he rain (sometimes) but it's strange for it to be raining when, it's been hot and sunny all week. what's up with that??

to answer everyone's comments:
*hugs* somaigawd Ninja Lover! i haven't spoken to you in like, ages!!!!!! so good to hear from you =D ky (sis)! i missed you too!!!! *hugs* omg, i must call you sometime! i will! i'll try!!!! you get any of my e-mails, sis? i hope your throat feels better, corn! my throat no longer hurts, but i can't say all my colds have gone away (but they're almost gone)!!! Rei-syn, i guess you're right about non-anime girls seein' Vincent has a girl, not a guy. tnx for lettin' me understand whay you were sayin! (and you do have a point!) yup! all songs i've listed are by asain singers, 15385bic! tnx you for the song suggestions! (*still continuing to download songs my friends have suggested me to download*) you have a great holiday too when you get it, 15385bic! ElvenNinja! luv your new icon. so funny (a monkey screaming). ugh! lucky! you got outta school earlier than i did >< glad you like the Sephy-kun pic, again, Angel Zakuro. today, however, Sephy-kun will not be on my site (please don't hate me!) Sephy-kun's been in every post up til now, and i promise to put him in my next post!!!! tnx you too, Angel Zakuro for giving me song suggestions! as i said, i'm still downloading XP i mean, they all don't download in one day, ne? why would they bother to put finals on the last 3 days of school, Ace? guess you find that just as retarted as i find it :P well, i hope you did well!!!! and i agree, LightAngel13! what better than to combine the FF and Pokemon world? it's totally cute XD

now that i've finished answering everyone's comments, i come to conclude my post. i don't think it's been very big. it's probaly not big cause i didn't even feel like posting today :P well, how's everyones day? and i hope you enjoy the videos!!!!! please watch as many of the videos as you can!!!! (all of the videos names are posted above their movie screen-thingys)

Harry Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Tiocking Noise

Harry Potter Puppet Pals: Bothering Snape

Harry Potter Puppet Pals: Banana Phone

Redemption (music video) - Gackt

Longing - Gackt

enjoy! hope everyone is having a good day =D

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