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Saturday, June 9, 2007

hihihi - week of finals.... OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
somaigawd!!!! how has everyone been? i havent been on for 2 weeks due to: finals/other-school-stuff/etc! so, how has everyone been? schools almost out for me... less than 2 weeks left (yes!) and then i can go on without the world bothering me ^0^ what to say first? well, tnx you all for comin and commentin *hugs* i would be nothin without you guys!!!! and... well, hm.... well, i have many e-mails and messages to answer. ugh! i feel like i have nothing to write!!!! so, i guess i'll continue...

starting off, its raining. and i have, nevertheless, a cold. 2, in fact. i have a stuffy nose and i'm coughing. i thought i'd be the only kid in school and - ha! - there's like, 7 others :P at least i know i'm not alone. i was afraid, because my throat hurt me so badly on monday, that i was gonna miss out on finals. tnx God i didn't (phew!) ended up going to school everyday this week. well, at least testings over ^0^ something to be proud of.... literally. getting back to the rain, i stood out in it today for over an hour in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. not too bright, i guess, but i can't help the fact that it wa sactually suppose to be sunny :X

hmmm..... i need to download more songs onto my MP3. the songs i'm thinking of are:
Longing (Gackt)
Flavor of Life (Utada Hikaru)
Real Emotion (Jade from Sweetbox)
1000 Words (Jade from Sweetbox)
-songs by- L'Arc~en~Ciel
-songs by- Malice Mizer (Gackt was from this band)
-songs by- ORESKABAND (i think that's the name of it...)
....and probaly more. anybody got any ideas for possibly any songs/bands i haven't listed?

now to get to everyone's comments:
yes, MissGoldenAngel (aka-Goldy), course i remember you!!!! how in the world could i forget you!? *hugs MGA* haha~! Tsumeato, you thought this WHOLE post was gonna be 'bout Vincent-kun's past!? lol i saw your comments on my pics, that's probaly why you thought so :P hey *hugs* Tsumeanto, i haven't seen your comments in awhile! glad you came back to visit me ^^ i guess everyone thinks the same thing: "Gackt looks like a girl" lol and who would put cow processing on youtube? you have a point 15385bic, i would've probaly had become a vegetarian too o.O ah! i love the one where they shoot Voldemort, Ace! but i have to admit, i like the "Mysterious Ticking Noise" one too. Vincent is kewl! Rei-syn, where you saying that he looks like a girl!? (i was talin 'bout Gackt lookin like a girl in my last post, not Vincent :P) and finally, Angel Zakuro, who has always been kind enough to come to every post *hugs* and because you're so kind enough to do that...

...TA-DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sephy-kun all for Angel Zakuro! *pushes you into Sephy-kun's arms* i still can't believe you haven't seen FF7AC yet.... maybe it's on youtube. give that a try =D

now that i've answered everyone's comments and can't think of anything to say, i'll look for a new avi, bgs, etc. i'm thinkin of changin this site up a bit. how was everyone's day?

awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! look how cute this is ^0^

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