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Sunday, May 6, 2007

not as tired! WOOT!
'mornin! ok, i actually woke up in a good mood (i woke up like, 10mins ago) and ate beakfast. it was a little hard to fall asleep, but i did sleep (even if i went to be at midnight and woke up at 8a) *hugs* yay! i'm loved! (lol) (answering back to Angel Zakuro's comment) yes, i missed everyone too, and to everyone else, i know this "new rule" sucks. oh! and by the way, tnx to everyone who threw me into Cloud's arms ^^ (Angel Zakuro joined me, by the way. then Sephy-kun came along and she went into his arms. lol) so, once again, *hugs* tnx for the visits!!!

so, what should i say? *thinks* well, its only morning and there's really not much to say but i'll find things to write XP for one thing, i keep repeating Redemption by Gackt over and over again. i'm looking on photobucket for a pic of Gackt so you all know what he looks like ^^ i've actually only seen one pic of him in my whole entire life (lol)

ok... 2 will do for now.

skipping over that *thinks* i wanted to see my friend's sketchpad, but had to make a promise. my promise was i had to stop drawing Vincent Valentine. i had top agree, unfortunately, if i wanted to see it. so, i haven't drawn Vincent in school, but i secretly draw him at home :P when i brought in a pic of what Vincent-kun looked like, she was like, "he's weird" i was shocked since all my friends say he's a col character (and i totally agree) and she was like, "what makes him so cool?"

owwwwwwwww!!!!! my breakfast is ho *burns toung* water! milk! just give me something >< (lol. spazz moment) anywayz, what an i say....? well, i guess i'm just off to go visit some sites.... and Angel Zakuro, here's Sephiroth so you can be thrown into his arms

*pushes you into Sephy-kun's arms* ^0^ (sorry. couldn't find a bigger pic. all the ones i liked were too small) so, how was everyone's day?

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