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Saturday, May 5, 2007

status: tired.... VERY tired
heyy. i'm tired today: very tired due to: lack of sleep/waking up early/crying for probaly no apparent reason/watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 2x. so, tnx to everyone who visited my site *hugs* i only got 3 comments but, oh, whatever. *hugs* alot of people visited me so i really don't care and what's most important is that at least people noticed *nods* so, how was everyone's, er, day? week? if you were wondering why i wasn't on this whole week it's because there's a "new rule". i'm not allowed on during the week until school ends (that's in, like, another month TT.TT) by the way, i'm not visiting anyone's site today 'cause me too tired. by the way, if i hug you and fall asleep on you, throw me into Cloud Strife's arms... he's hawt XP

so, i guess i'll continue on today. it's 8:05p as i'm typing, and i still haven't eaten (i'm about to eat now). i told my mom i didn't feel hungry and asked if it's because i'm tired. she says that's why. i mean, i cried today for what seemed like no apparent reason. i cried in the car. i have no idea why either... i think i'm just tired. it's not like me to cry for "no apparent reason". um.... i end typing this part of the post. and no, i'm NOT emo!!!!!!

i have this suspicion not alot of people are going to visit since it's so late.... i guess i'll post tomorrow morning... this week of school *totally skipping subject* was ok, i guess. and everyone else's week was....? ugh! i really don't feel like posting, i just forced myself too for the heck of it >< so, anywayz, i'm too busy on photobucket to find and ff7 icon. and corn, even if i am weird, i'm glad you still love me *hugs* so, how was everyone's day/week/all that? i have to download some music now... *downloads* by the way, these nachos are good ^^ i think i'm gonna fall asleep in another hour in Cloud's arms.... (lol. i'm becoming Cloud-obsessed XP)

heehee cute ^^

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