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Friday, April 27, 2007

it's been about... say.... 4wks?
heyy! it's been about a whole month since i updated - the longest i've ever gone without updation - and the longest i hope it will ever be XP well, thanks to everyone who visited me on my long ago post... *hugs* i'm very happy. my internet connection has been down and i wasn't even able to get on... even if i tried!!!! i was soooooooo upset! i missed all you guys; i was very sad TT.TT but all is better now (i think). so *hugs* once again - THANKS!!!!!! so, lemme continue, k?

well, when i did get very little connection last week, i managaed to post some e-Cards. well, 3, actually (not that the number really counts). i went from Number of Times Sent: 19 to Number of Times Sent: 112 in a whole week XD i'm so proud (and this is making me hyper), so i decided i'd show you what they look like (by the way, they're in order from the first, to the last):
(sent: 8x)
(sent: 16x)
(sent 19x)
(sent: 38x)
(sent: 31x)
out of all of them, the Vincent Valentine asnd Hojo "Let's Play Doctor" e-Card was sent the most, and the Naruto vs. Kakashi "We Are Chibis, Fear Us" card was faved the most (i think. i can't remember) when i first put the "Let's Play Doctor" e-Card on, there was no faves/sends at all, which made me upset, thinking no one would send it. i was actually thinking of deleting it, but, after i saw it being sent so many times, i was really pleased ^^ so, what do you guys think? what's your fav?

continuing on, it's been pretty boring. the weather was all nice and warm and went to being cold (today) in one day... and i was pretrty upset TT.TT for warm weather to last that long... it's pretty sad - especially when it's close to may - but still, i can't control mother nature, now can i? erm.... what can i say...!? *thinks* AUGH! why is it so hard (especially when i haven't been on for a month and i can asay alot!!!)!?!?

*sigh* i just can't seem to think of anything -_-"
eh.... i think i'll just end here... well, i have questions, that should be the end of it. and this probaly isn't a long post either.

random moment now, weather! you shall make a thunderstorm - and make it very dark!!!! that way, i can enjoy it! mwhahahahahahaha!!! (er.... random much? yeah, i just had to write something to make this post a tad longer, seriously)

Questions of the Day
1) you don't think i'm weird... after the random moment, do you? please don't! i'm.... on a sugar rush XD

2) which is your fav e-Card outta the 5 i showed you?

3) how's the weather by you?

4) ummm.... there's no question 4 because i forgot what to say o.O

5) since i skipped over question 4, i was thinking: should i write down the words to the FF7: AC movie, and post 2-3 chapters on my site every time i update? if so, i'll start tomorrow.

6) have you ever heard Redemption or Lasting by Gackt? jwjw

7) did anyone even reliaze i wasn't on for so long??

that's about it. really. um, i think questions 4 was this: how was everyone's day/week/month, and all? i hope you're all doing well *hugs*

oh! something i remembered!!!!: i was so tired today, i almost fell asleep during my exams/ classes. no joke. i was told to rest (and probaly sleep) the minute i got home but, i don't listen to people, so i never fell asleep (lol) but i was really tired today! well, i'm off to play DoC: FF7, cause i have nothing better to do right now :P

The Greatest FanManga of All Time
it features Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth :P (um, iot wasn't posted on the site cause it was screwin' the site up, fyi)

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