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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

'down deep, bunnies are rockers'....
....and in truth, they dance in a graveyard with RayMan to this oh-so-wondefrul music ^^; ah, yeah... that was a bit random, ne? i just know someone who's been playin' it and i like to watch the bunnies rock in the graveyard :P mhmm, i have no life XD (is that even somthing to be proud of??) so, anywayz, i haven't been on since sunday... *hugs* omg! tnxies for the comments!!!! i got 8 of them XD and yes, Artichoke, you are loved *hugs* once again, happy belated birthday!!! *hugs* once again, tnxies!!!! how is everyone's vacation so far?? i have - ha! - more days off (and this is actually true, it's also true Spring Break just started for me, as in, today). i guess i'll continue on what happened from monday to today (it's wendsday, for those of you who don't know)

monday: i got my friend into Naruto. hm? is that an achievement? well, i would say so since she isn't all into anime/manga. i was readin' the newest volume and she wanted to check it out so i let her and she finally finished it today. and when me and my friend wre talkin' 'bout Naruto, she told us she didn't want us to spoil it for her (she also wants to learn how to draw the Naruto people).

tuesday: more Narutoness and she went on reading, askin' if maybe she could come over the break that way we could watch some Naruto episodes i recorded. i told her i had 4 full hour disks of the Naruto Marathon :P she wants to see them; she's only seen one episode.

today (wednsday): my friend who is a highly Naruto geek like me got sick today. he threw up and we heard him as he did it. everybody looked at eachother and i lost my senses (as in i lost my appetite). and to make matters worse, he threw up on his best friend!!! >< ewwww.... i hope he feels better.

hm, monday looked like the longest day i had to talk about... i really have no clue what happened yesterday and today.... thankls to the whole big commotion. i also have to wait for the bookstore to call me back (if i haven't mentioned it), because my Fruits Basket wasn't in TT.TT what else can i say? *thinks* well, when i came to look at my comments, i had totally forgotten i went from the 3-day Akatsuki-style to KH ^^; windrygurl, is The Dreaming good? i wanted to read it, but i have no idea what it's like (doesn't it have to do with some cases that involve murder in a certain part of the world in one of the school's?? i'm memorizing this if i got it correct).

what else? hm, i have over 3 hugs piles of manga (NOTE: i asked people how much manga they owned). the piles, unfortunately, fall from time to time. when am i gettin' that bookshelf in my room?? yes, Sakurie! i own all the KH/KH:CoM manga too ^^ there may be hope for KH2 manga to come out, since it already came out in japan XD

Artichoke (and windrygurl), KH3 is Kingdom Hearts III. didn't you ask the same question when i was talkin' 'bout KH2, Artichoke?? lol Talim-of-the-Wind, i have (i think) found out it will be called "Kingdom Hearts III". for proof, look at this logo i found.

and tell me that does not say "Kingdom Hearts III" (oh, and i'm not sayin' it mean, i'm sayin' it in an amusin' sorta way :P) so, i think it will be called KH3. hm, you gotta point Sakurie. i wanna play Kingdom Hearts Final Mix too, but i think that was supposedly released as KH2 in japan (so i think i read somewhere, or i read it was the last KH in japan, which, i highly doubt).

and i think that's it for now. *hugs* once again, tnx for the comments (i ALWAYS look foward to them!) and i hope you guys are all doin' fine. how was your day?

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