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Thursday, February 22, 2007

bop to the top/stick to the status quo - high school musical
ok, it's still morning time but you probaly don't care :P currently 10:30a when i'm typing. can't really say much, i mean, it's morning after all. that start of the day. i've been getting alot of comments lately... THANK YOU! *hugs you all* tnx you guys so much ^^ ah, so, lemme continue with my post (and yes, i have been keepig my promise of checking out everyone's sites when updated). ok, so i didn't finish all my manga, i'm still finishing up kh:com (i still have 2 books after that to go), i just have to color in ky's and katie's requests (then i'll be done); i'm sorry it's taking sooooooo long!!!!! it never takes this long! i guess because i'm off i'm just tryin to be a shirker cuz i have no work and i wanna relax... so sorry! i still have some work to do and i was watching to high school musical last nigh until midnight, if that was the latest. i plan on playing some kingdom hearts 2 today if i - ha! - even get a chance. i have to make sure i have 3+ hour to play. *puts it down on piece of paper* ok, now i'll have time! lol woot! i have a friend who has a b-day today!!!! i visited her last night and found out it was tomorrow so:

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday gaaraofthedesert1
happy birthday to you!

happy birthday gaaraofthedesert1!!!!!!! ^^ have a great b-day! so, now it's time to finish up this post. i'll make another post later, kk? ok, so now i have 2 music videos: both from high school musical. the first one is "bop to the top" (by ryan and sharpay) and the second one is "stick to the status quo" by the jocks, cheerleaders, sharpay, ryan, skaters, etc. please watch them both and how was everyones day? sorry! no anime music videos today! i'll put an anime music video tomorrow ^^

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