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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i've been starving ALL day -_-
so, what's up? like the title says,, i'm freakin starvin. gotta eat something... anyway, today all really did was play kh2... ALL day long!!!!!!!!! that's why i wasn't on myo earlier. so, i was thinkin, "what's the future gonna be like when kh3 comes out?" the question pondered in my mind for a long time today. i was like, "well, i know it's gonna be very popular. yep, everybody's gonna be draggin their 'rents to bring them to a store to but it. don't we all do that? i did when kh2 came out". so, i imagine it very popular... beyond compare (that made absolutely no sense). i "re-lived" my memories of when i first got kh2 and, you're sick of hearing this, aren't you? sorry... i'll stop.... otherwise, i'm really bored and hungry. i have to finish up some requests and play some more kh2 and continue on my manga i nver finished. yup, i'm gonna be pretty busy... in a way o.O enjoy this music video. it's "faith" by linkin park and i think the muic video is naruto. can't remember, i got the url 2 days ago and never put it up. only music video for today. and i'm in a bit better mood... now that imeem finally has their "links" or "embed" back on their site for music. i changed mine from my chemical romance's "welcome to the black parade" to my chemical romance's "helena". oh! and i just went & signed elena the turk
s birthday. just visited her site today. her b-day was yesterday:

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday elena (the turk)
happy birthday to you!

now enjoy the video guys ^^ and how was everyone's day?

'I intend to smack ElvenNinja upside the head repeatedly if she does anything stupid'
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