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Monday, February 19, 2007

its still morning - where's my food!?
hi! i woke up really early... for over an hour i've been watching muc=sic videos (lol) for kingdom hearts, naruto, and le portrait de petite cossette. i even got to watch cossette's love murder her o.O so, i got 2 music videos for you guys to watch: one from naruto and one from kingdom hearts. but lemme continue with the day. it may still be morning, and i haven't eaten breakfast yet (but i am about to right now) i got the laptop and i'm sitting on my bed. yep, i think i'm gonna start my morning like this everyday my week >< lol last night, i didn't read any of my manga from the time i bought it to the time i finally decided to read furuba first (that was 7+ straight hours i couldn't decide!) i'm gonna read kh:com next. i plan on going on youtube again, to watch somemore videos. there's this one kingdom hearts music video i wanted to get; it was a kh video with the song "fighting dreamers" from naruto on it but the embed was disabled so i can't show it to you guys. sorry TT.TT ah, so you can watch the 2 i give you instead ^^ did you people like the naruto one i put on yestserday? i liked it. i guess i can write later... it's still early and i haven't done much but wake up and get on the laptop :P and, no, today i didn't wake up to a squirrel falling off a tree, either :P the first music video is kingdom hearts with "in the end" by linkin park. the second one is naruto with "in the end" by linkin park. so basically, they're both music videos with the same song from linkin park, but still watch them both. they're both intresting ^^

how was everyone's morning, er, day if they read this late and i don't post later?

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