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Saturday, February 17, 2007

currently 5:53p

so yeah, it's like, almost 6 'o clock here :P i guess i'll start out on how my day was... this morning, i woke up and headed toward my ps2 to play some kh2. i'm so addicted (again)! ah, i have 2 requests and have about 5 other pics to do. may as well start with the requests first. (whoops! this wasn't even part of the morning!) then i went outside for over an hour and then bladda blah blah (i don't think you guys really care. and right now, i'm having a SHIKAMARU MOMENTS WEEK) or i'm just a shirker -_-" ehhhhh... whatever. i'm gonna post an ino&sakura chibi artwork tomorrow (i think). i'll let you guys know =D and Ruckles, i'm sorry i never visited your site! please don't cry! ALL week (for the past week) i've been studyin for midterms but i can go to your site now ^^ it's all over!!! *raises flag* WOOT! right, i also have 25 files on kh2 which means.... another 74 to go! then i'll have 99 files ><

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