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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentines day!!!!!


since sunday i was checkin mai site to see if there was anymore html mix-ups. i'm proud to say: the html trouble is gone!!!! ^^ (well, i'll still check every now and then but...) so, school was like, drastic today. *sigh* if ther's anything i hate more its p.e.i don't like p.e. class :P i'm too lazy to do whatever we do in p.e. let's face it: i'm as bad as shikamaru! a shirker, no more!!! lol anybody else a shirker in p.e.? raise your hand! *raises hand* b-uuuuut, i submitted fan art today!!! will be in my portfolio by tonite or tomorrow, so check it out sometime, kk? and thats all! hope you had a great valentines day!!!! ^^

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