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Sunday, February 11, 2007

what the...?
geez... theres something wrong with my site. but whats wrong with it? i dont really know... ah, but its annoying!!!!!!! maybe somethin got screwed in the html. you guys tell me if its screwed or not. im gonna turn it off before i get off, that way i can find the problem! i think its because of the pics of zack. i dont know, but ill just have to find out, wont i? not much to say now; im completekly fumed over the html ><

ok, the problem WAS the pics of zacky, so i had to take them all out and write in ()s that they were tookin out today to stop the html from bein all mixed up. i may still have my site off; just in case. how was everyones day since mine is ok... except for what just happened :P

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