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Friday, February 9, 2007

longest of times
so, right now there's not much to say :P i'm just watching ff7:ac since i haven't seen it in so long!!!! ah, loz and tifa just finished their battle (as you can see, i'm not even (really) a quater through the movie. *sigh* zack... he's my big bro (in my made up story of ff7; and he didn't die, sephiroth just says he does :P) here's a pic of my "older borther" (took at pics on 2/11/07 to see why site was all screwed) ahhh....!!! i think i put too many pics of zack... he looks sleepy in the last one... lol i have one site to owe all my thanks to; tnx to ffinsider. how was your day since your probaly sick of the pics of zack :P ah!!!!! half way through the movie and havent seen anything!!!! i just heard it! guess i have to watch it again (this time paying attention to the screen!) :P
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