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Monday, February 5, 2007

YAY! we're getting the puppy today ^^ i'm so excited! all day i've been excited!!! i even got all hyper! (and i didn't even have sugar >_<) lol well, as i'm typing my glourious, happy post entitled "YIPEEEEEEE!!!!" i'm missing naruto. again! from monday-friday last week i missed evey episode of naruto featured on the miguzi block. *sob sob* oh well. i also have something to tell you; last night, as i went through fan art, this one person was 'plagerising' or so they said. i'm not completely sure if that kid kept plagerising or not, but if they did, they should be ashamed. isn't it against the theO policy/rules about submitting plagerism? i wonder. can't remember who it is, but whoever it is shouldn't do it again. so many people kept commenting saying that the kid plagerised it. it's not any of my concern to get caught in the situation, though, but i just had to tell you that. but right now, i'm pretty happy ^^ 8 days until i go back to get more manga.... and that new KH:CoM one!!! i feel like i've been yearning it for years :P ah! i got my bg enlarged! i have 15385bic to thank: she told me how. i'm a really clueless person sometimes :P but tnx you so much 15385bic!!!! you're madd awesome XD Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i luv this pic for some reason. sorta gothy, i suppose. that's s'kay, cuz i am sortof goth :P

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