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Friday, February 2, 2007

in honor of....
tgif peeps!!! ok, well, even though my precious doggy died, i know she's in heaven, watching over me. they put her to sleep yesterday, at 1:30, while i was in th mitz of bowling with the rest of less-then-half-the-school (ok, it was only 3 grades). i was pretty upset. so upset, in fact, that i didn't even wanna leave school!! but i knew i had to, and i knew i wasn't gonna find her. but now, after my friends making me feel so much better, my family making me feel better, and me just getting how i feel out to everyone, i feel much better. and i know she's watching over me, i can tell. now she's not in pain and is absolutely in heaven!! ^_^ i'm happy for her. no need to cry, kai? today was also a half day of school, so i got out early. not much that it matters though :P it also seems that i won't be able to submit fan art until tomorrow or sometime next week. my comp is retarted and keeps saying errors and all and won't let me on, so unless my dad can hook up the scanner to the laptop (which i'm typing with right, obviously), i can scan. will just have to see how everything goes :P my bowling game yesterday was in honor of my doggy and i am so far in second place.
-this post was in honor of my dog (and that she'll be happy in heaven and i'll never forget her!!)-

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