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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

(sad news) TT.TT
yep. today i practically have all the time in the world to write :P first, here's the bad news that i was tellin you guys yesterday: my dog is gonna be put to sleep tomorrow or friday when i'm in school. i'm so upset!!!!!! i don't want that!! my friends asked me what was wrong with me today. i wasn't my happy self and seemes to give everyone a ill bit of the cold shoulder. they started hugging me and saying they wished it would be ok and one of my friends said it was so sad that she was gonna wrte a card to me. but at least she'll be going to heaven, a nice happy place, right? so i have to be happy for that. that's right! she was my best friend, and she'll ALWAYS be in my heart and be watching me from above!! just like my grandpa i never met who died when my mom was 12! he's watching me, and so will my doggy!!! so i HAVE to be happy. at least she's going to a good, nice place, where she won't be in pain. even if i'll be in pain, i'll always smile because she's the one who doesn't deserve the pain. she's always been there for me, protected me, always mad me smile was i alone; i have to be happy -- no matter what!!!!!!! she'll always be in my heart and she won't have to suffer. she can be happy, and i can be happy for her! if i'm not happy, she won't be happy right? so i can't even fake it. i MUST be happy, no matter what!!!!!!! because she'll be happy and that's what i want... for HER, my doggy, to be happy (in heaven).
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