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Sunday, January 14, 2007

buy 3 get 1 free ^^
today, we went out for breakfast. something i dont like to do, but i really had no choice. i felt so fat after i ate. so, after that i went to Borders and got more manga ^^ they had a deal: buy 3 get the fourth one free! i got 4 books and so did my lil bro. so we got 8 manga!! lol we have all the Naruto now, but im still upset to hear that vol 13 wont come out until feb or march... TT.TT it has to come out sooner! same with KH:CoM (vol 2)!!! it was supposed to come out in jan and when i asked the lady she said not until fab 13 >< not fair!!!! yeah, i also watched Naruto last night. me and my brother tried not to laugh when the talking dog Kakashi summoned was talking to Shikamaru and Shikamaru's expressions when the dog said hed let him touch his paws. it doesnt sound funny but it looked funny. lol Shika plays good at 'falling asleep' since he was really awake. i laughed at the part he was twitching cuz a kid in my spanish class acted like an old lady who had passed out on the floor after we told our spanish teacher to let him be the old lady and he was twitching and moving. it was fuuny!!! lol well, not much left to say. im thirsty... lol kk, how was your day?

"pleasently plump people unite!" - Choji
~eh, thats how i felt after i ate so much :P~

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