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Saturday, January 13, 2007

get in my way and ill...
now, i cant remember if Gaara says "desroy you" or "kill you" but im pretty sure its "destroy you". anyway, whats up you guys? today passed by rather quickly. its all damp and wet out here. been dark all day, and its almost like ive been up all night even though thats not the truth. were making pizza!! yum yum =^^= lol yeah, i was just playing Naruto: Ultimate Ninja and i think im not that great with it. i mean, i beat (or at least practically beat) Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 but im trying to grasp how to play Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. may take awhile :P only games i havent played that i got for Christmas are Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy XII: Collector's Edition. oh! and i have a very important message for those who commented and/or voted on my Temari pic!!! tnx you!!!!! i felt so special once Ky had told me it appeared on that page where they only put the best fan art up. i was so glad to hear mine got up there (even though its not up there anymore) but i was very happy. that was probaly the first time, so i tnx you guys ^^ besides that, i need a new bg for my comp. i got one yesterday but it seems so retarted so i wanna get a new one. besides all that, how are you guys?
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