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Saturday, November 11, 2006

i goofed---i thought it was monday!
hey guys. how have you been. this is a lame post, so ill make a better one later. but, today, my mom woke me up and i thought it was monday when its really saturday. guess it was just a nightmare... i guess. i havent had a nightmare since i was 6, so for 6 years, ive been doin well. anyway, my cuz just came over and gave me these balls (chinese balls or something) and there pretty cool. so ill writer a better post later, but for now, im too lazy (actually, i wanna do some other stuff like KH2 and the 23 files i made on it). so, yeah, cya all later and how has your day been? my mom shouldnt have woken me up at 6:30a... so retarted... ha... ha... ^^'
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Friday, November 10, 2006

5, not 10
if you see my new fan art, please know that when I put it up tonite, i meant to write "5 days" not "10" but i accidently mixed it up cause today is the 10th and that's why I said it... all be mistake too. so please, I'm just giving you the heads up!!!
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any day... but today?
hey guys. i didnt go to the dance last night cuz i didnt get my tickets so my mom is writing in an angry note for 2 things to get her money back if we dont get it. its not raining today and its not cold like its suppose to be. kybeary is moving... i hope she does ok and finds new friends. so... i still didnt finish the retarted ass-holic tri-mester tests and i hear were getting our repoet cards after thanksgiving. and will you believe it? some damn ass' are puttinh up x-mas decorations and thanksgiving isnt here! they did the same to halloween!! >< retarts... the worlds full of 'em! so, my daily planner for today is absolutely nothing. this morning i watched the G4 network, cartoon network, MTV and... EWAM. not like on every program i knew what i was watching. i just saw X-PLAY and decided to turn it on and then was told to turn the TV off. "WTF!?" is a good exclamation as to why i had to turn it off. probaly would be the firt 3 words outta my mouth. it seems like me and my one 'friend' Emily (the one who got mad at me for talkin bout anime to a new school girl) have been avoiding each other. we havnt talked for about 2+ weeks. im not sure... bout 2 or 3. and now shes hangin out with all the girly girls and shes acting like she costs a million dollars (although i disagree you slithering sneak!) and she acts like shes E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! freaking obsessive "im-gonna-sell-my-PS2-and-video-games-because-i-dont-want-them-and-i-want-expensive-stuff" attitude! shes gonna sell her KH games and everything for a bunch of clothes from Abrecombie&Finch or Holliester or whatever. and she hangs out with kids she hates. sooooooooooooooo retarted you son of a bitch, why you...!!!!!!! sorry, excuse my language, but she really has been a bitch, acting like shes popular and knows the world loves her when all my friends and other kidswanna punch her to hell! shes like, "oh yeah ill get a tag or w/e for you dan" she a suck-up. ttyl, i have to go
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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

my day TT.TT
ok, i guess my day was ok. since monday, Christopher started hugging me... like the minute i got to school. today was the only day he hasnt hugged me; maybe because it rained. he hates rain... i think. and today, on the bus, i fell out of my seat and hit my elbow. the bus started cracking up, but i wasnt in a good mood beacuse of the freaking loud mouths i have on my bus. whatever these loud mouths do, the whole bus takes the consequense. i wish theyd just move, go to hell... theyre freaking annoying and always have been. and my tests? my social studies and in my english arent due till monday, and i can use the textbook, so i got lucky, but i have to memorize the 17 steps of circulation on blood... TT.TT what massive headaches i will have. i guess thats mine... proving to the world i hate school and have had awful days. so how was yours? i have more studying to do... im on... but im not suppose to be. i almost beat KH:COM. im on the last floor, i found the door and yeah, i already told you. anyway, may as well just hang out a little, i wont be back on until fri cuz me and my friends are goin to a dance tomorrow that starts at 7p and ends at 12a. then were getting a ride, goin to Friendlys, and will probaly be there for an hour like we were last year :P so, ill finally get home around 1:30a or 2a. and no, were not gangs or anything, one of our rents bring us there and stay with us but in a completely different booth, and then like yeah, will be goin home once we decided were bored and the persons rent will drop us off at our house. cya then
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Monday, November 6, 2006

foretaste of my tests
ok, now, ive told many peeople, and by all means this IS the truth!!!! i have sooooo many tests; both normal and tri-mester exams, so heres a preview of them! >< God! help me!!!

social studies (today-10/6)
math (10/7)
science (10/9)
religion (10/9)
computer (monday {coming up-forgot date})

social studies (10/8)
english (10/8)
reading (10/9)
vocab (10/13)
religion (10/13)
science (10/15)
math (10/14)

sooooooooooooooo many tests.... ::drops dead::

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

hiya ppl
heyy guys! whats up? today i seemed to be dragged around the world, once more, by my mother. i hate shopping for groceries TT.TT makes me mad. oh, so i have good and bad news. um... that was the bad news (or at least to me) and the good? today on KH:COM, i finally beat Riku after the Destiny Islands. i IMd some kid in my class and was like, "hahahahahahahahaha! sucker!" because he has the whole guide to beating the game and i dont, and he was stuck on the same part! :P so, i finally got to the 13th floor--entitled 'Castle Oblivion" and i found the door your suppose to go through. it was all find until i saw something disaterous standing in my way of completeing Sora's story mode and heading on to Riku's: i need =1 blue card, =3 red card, and any cards that sum up the total of 99. the 99 part is easy-i have 16 six cards and i can use 4 or 5 one cards. i have the 3 red card (if you play this game, youll know what i mean when i say '= whatever number card) but... i dont have the 1 blue card-and that made me upset cause something got in my way!!!! ::runs after Leon and curses at him!:: ok, i know Leon had nothing to do with this, but its fun to run after him with a bat in your hand. thats what im doing; hitting him with a bat. lol sooooo... i have to work harder. -_-" all my efforts have come to a screeching halt, but i know ill beat this game... sooner or later. anyway, that was practically my day, and my mom says my head is goin to turn into a DS. ive been playing my DS the WHOLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! XD later fools!!

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Friday, November 3, 2006

TGIF--half day XD
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ME!!!!! i got a ahalf day today, so unlike you people, i wasnt in for the whole 6 hours!!!! XD lucky lucky! anyway, i dont have much to write... seriously. so, lemme see... today, i got to pick where i wanted to sit, and i picked a chair right next to my friends and it was only one seat from my old one. a kid who likes me, Christopher, is 4-5 seats from me. he always winds up sitting behind me in the beginning of the year, and most people say he likes me. he said, "i miss sitting next to you! i miss sitting next to you and Krissy! at least i can sit next to you guys in mr. dunns class!" seriously, and he always says something! and if i yell at him for bein mean to another kid or something, he goes "sorry rose" and hugs me!!! and im like, "whoa! personal space here!" so, like um... yeah. is that like all what happened today? and im tired of wondering, what do you guys think? do you think he likes me? to most people, if they yell at him, he curses back at them; even if they continue to yell at him. if he curses back at me, i yell at him and then he hugs me and says hes sorry; and doesnt do taht to other kids unless their close friends of mine, but hell only hug them once in a while. so... what do you think?
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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

i saw some comments on the Sora pic i put up and yes, sad to say, it WILL be on the PS3!!!!! >< supposedly, if you think about it, Kingdom Hearts III wont come out for another 2 years (KH-2002;KH:COM-2004;KH2-2006), so this game may not be out until 2008 or 2009; AND the PS3 will come out nov 17 (or so i read). TT.TT sad... very sad if you ask me. if you get Toys "R" Us magazines, you shouldve gotten at least 2 big toy books (like i have). i only browse through the video game section cuz im 12 and im not all that girly even though im a girl (im mostly a tomboy). looks like theyll have TWO PS3s comin out. one, the 20GB Version, will be $499.99 ($500) and the 6GB Version will be $599.99 ($600)!!!!!! >< EEEEEEEEEEKK!!!! HOW THE HELL DO PEOPLE AFFORD THESE PRICES!? ill probaly have to wait until easter or something like that (maybe even summer) when it will be cut down $50-$100!!!! but i NEED the PS3 to play FF games and the upcoming, probaly 2-3 year wait, Kingdom Hearts III and any other KH games!!! and FFVII will even be re-done and put on the PS3!!!!!!
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how was yours?
hey people. how was your Halloween. i gotta lot of candy (and yes, i was SUPER hyper yesterday), and it was fun. i had a ttal blast, and i even put silly string on my cuzs!!! XD lol now it feels like night here... TT.TT and im not hungry, dont feel like eating, and im eating in an hour to and hour n' a half. this week is a cool week cuz we had no school today and we get a half-day friday cuz we get half-days every first friday of the month!!! ^^ soooooooooo cool!!!! anyway, how was your day?
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i think i reliazed this earlier, but totally forhot. have you ever wondered what Organization XIII memebers had in common other than them being Nobodies and such? like, in their names? i found out, they all have "X"s in their names, and thats no joke! just look:
i juast happened to rememeber that. isnt that weird? i know, this was a retarted post but not many people reliaze these types of things, y'know?

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