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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Uber Cycle of Existence

Title is total randomocity. Extra cookies to those who get the reference (shouldn't be hard).

Sooooo... yep. Haven't been around, I know. Only really been logging in to spam comment on the podcast.
This time around though, it is because of schoolwork. I have a couple of big projects due in the next two weeks: a cultural presentation for Japanese and my research paper draft for English. Plus, there's the added poop papers from College Success. I have NO idea what I'm going to do for this week's "mission"... crap.
BUT! Enough of that! Homework can wait until I finish this post.

Let me share a little story from last Wednesday. Twas at school (of course); typically, after I get out of my College Success class, I go to a room up in the library to meet up with friends. When I went that day, there was also this one other person that I'm finding I really don't care for too much. He's... well, just annoying. You'll understand in a bit.
So yes, we all congregated in this one room. Everyone (but me) proceeded to get out their laptops, while I ate lunch. This John Doe man then started playing a flash game on his computer.

And wouldn't you know it? It was a game where you get to chase down little girls and rape them. Yup, great fun. Oh, and guess what else you can do? You get to choose whether you allow her to orgasm or not! Isn't that the best?

The worst part was, the volume was up pretty damn high. It really got on my nerves. As soon as someone else said, "Could you please turn that down?", I jumped all over it.

Me: "Yes, please turn it down. I don't need to hear a little girl's orgasms."

John Doe: "Oh, I'm not letting her orgasm."

Me: "Either way, keep it down. Not all of us want to hear that. Yeah..."

At one point, some comment was made by this John Doe that I wasn't as "hardcore" as the rest of our little anime posse.
Well, if hardcore means enjoying child rape games, then thank the Lord Almighty I am not hardcore! That is one of the things I really despise about the little otaku subculture; that there are actually people out there that play those types of games, or watch those types of animes, etc. It's really disgusting and creepy.
I like anime for the art of it; the story, the characters, the overall feel. I don't think being "hardcore" should mean participating in pedophilic acts, thank you very much.

After that, I decided I really don't care for John Doe. I'll just have to not initiate any conversation with him from now on.

Hmmm, maybe I shall address this issue in the podcast.
Welp, that's all from me today. Ta all!

God Bless

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