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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Oi. How I would love to vent about what my brother has been like this past week. However, I shall hold myself back, simply because I am tired of talking about it. Already gave my sister an earful, thank you very much. :P

So, how've you all been? Or rather, how are you right now?
I myself have been needlessly stressing myself out over schoolwork. Maybe I just care a bit too much... I almost hope I could get a B one of these days, just so I won't have to worry so damn much over the littlest things. But, then again, I've always been like that. Blah...

At least there's good news! .hack//G.U.+ manga is out this month! Weeeeeee!
To be exact, it's being released 02/12/2008. So fangirl happy! *dances*

On that positive note, I shall leave you now as I go off to do more research. Ta ta!

Oh, and yes Alla, s-CRY-ed banner. Bask in its goodness. DRASTIC MY SOUL.

God Bless

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