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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Great To Learn!

It's 10:00 PM, I have a half-written English paper that's due tomorrow, and I've been on the computer for 10 hours.
Time for a myO post! :o

For once, I actually have semi-interesting news! Crazy, no?
See, I've been trying to do writing homework all day. One of the projects I had to do was a weekly "mission" assignment for College Success. Completely BS class, but I'm actually quite happy I took it now, if only for this one reason.

Every week, I have to do these "missions," all the available choices having already been listed in the syllabus. A lot of them are, of course, BS. Some of the missions include filling out a transfer application or a four-year university packet (which seem easy enough), while others are a bit out of the way, such as visiting some conference or other at the college you want to get into.
Being me, I procastinated throughout the weekend to even pick one of these missions to do. As Sunday came around, I finally realized my folly. My reaction? "Crap." I have to say, these "missions" don't endear me to the class. It's basically extra work I really don't need.

So the strategy I took as to how I would complete this assignment was as follows: "Pick the easiest thing and get it out of the way." Which I did, and I'm quite happy with what I ended up choosing.
The mission? "Write a resume of your current education and experience AND write another resume listing all the things you will need to have accomplished if you are to get your dream job." Also required is a reflection paper. Lovely.
Provided was a link to something like a "career exploration website" (http://www.bls.gov/oco/oco1002.htm). I wasn't quite expecting to see "Translator" up there, but I did. Well, that shut me up.
Technically, it was on "Interpreters and Translators," but either way it was a great help. I've been trying to find out what requirements I need in order to become a professional translator, and now I know; or at least have a better idea.

Of course there's the obvious "be fluent in two languages" part. I'll also be needing a bachelor's degree, some job-specific training programs, and other various qualities such as general business skills and a background in computer science.
I'm excited. Very much so. In fact, I shall use a smilie to prove my excitedness. ---> :3 <---

Who woulda thunk that such a BS class would actually help me out this much? Now I'll have to tell people, "If it weren't for College Success, I never would've become a Japanese translator."
... well, whateva! Still happy. :3

And now it's 10:30; best be getting back to that English paper. G'night all!

God Bless

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