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Sunday, January 6, 2008

School Preparations 2: Online Fury

Tomorrow's the day, my friends. I shall return to that place, Cascadia Community College. Or "Cascadia Daigaku", as I keep thinking it. *w00ts for Japanese class*
I was getting a tad worried last night about the whole online class thing. But earlier today, I (finally) logged in to the site and found an announcement from my professor basically saying, "We'll go over this in class Tuesday."
Hah. All that little worrying for nothing. I think I stress over things too much sometimes. Perhaps another thing I could work on this year, hmm?

On a lighter ending note, there's a Final Fantasy VI doujinshi up on eBay that I really want, but can't afford. *cries* Gashsplurned Celes and Locke, being all cute and stuff...
Ta then, my pretties.

God Bless

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